Why Some People Are Not In A Happy Relationship (Explained)

Being in unhappy relationship is not fun.

The reason some people are not in a happy relationship is because they are not actively investing the effort to work on themselves and their relationship.

First, let me ask: Do you know of someone who has ever fallen for the myth that love is enough, or it doesn`t require work, or is only reserved for young “attractive” people?

If you are not in a harmonious & happy relationship, perhaps you should consider where you`ve been making mistakes or repeting old negative patterns.

Every one of us can attract a blissful, loving relationship.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves bringing back old trauma or insecurities to their love life and self-sabotaging each new relationship.

If you keep attracting unavailable partners or if you keep giving love without receiving it back, you might want to ask yourself why is this happening. Keep reading to find out.

You can attract the love of life (or improve your current relationship) as long as you stop getting in the way of your happiness.

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8 myths about love

In my work, as a certifed life coah, I named the process of feeling unconditional love for another human “rising in love“, as oppose to falling in love…

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Because the “falling” comes from the ego and eventually hits the ground and falls into pieces…rising evolves indefinitely as long as both partners invest the effort and caring for the relationship.

How to know if you are self-sabotaging yourself? Respond to these questions to find out.

– Do you enter a new relationship, knowing what do you want in the relationship, or/and how to speak your needs without fear of rejection?
– Have you spent time healing from old trauma so that you don`t transfer unresolved issues from your past relationship(s) into the new one?
– Are you a skilled communicator able to express your mind without judgement or defensiveness?
– Are you committed to continue bringing the best version of yourself after the “honeymoon phase” is over?
– Are you dedicated to honoring the commitment an exclusive relationship requires and actively keep the spark going?
– Are you willing to enter the relationship with your full vulnerability and deep authenticity and being fully “seen”? 
– Are you ready to love and be loved, and support your partner in their dreams?
– Are you ready to work on yourself instead of contanstly blaming your partner for your insecurties, attachment style or lack of career fullfilment?

10 signs your relationship needs improvement
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Remember, there is never a downside to taking responsibility for your actions.:)

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