Five Evidence-Based Methods To Keep Your Brain Young and Improve Your Memory

Use these strategies to improve your memory, boost your mental performance, and support brain health. 

1. Stimulate your brain to fire new neurons by engaging in mentally stimulating activities such as: analyzing data, creative writing, playing chess, strategizing, journaling, reading books written by smart people

Ginger is in her 70s and in our coaching work together, she not only shed more than 30 pounds but also significantly improved her memory and sleep!

What`s your excuse to tolerate a blurry memory?

2. Feed your intelligence with foods that are shown to improve concentration, develop more focus and help with memory retention:

such as omega 3 fats (fatty fish, avocados, nuts and seeds, MCT oil) and antioxidants (cacao, berries, green tea)

3. Balance the left and ride sides of your brain with regular activities that promote creativity and expansion of your consciousness, such as dancing, painting, transcendental meditation, etc…

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4. Learn to speak at least one more language (learning a new language creates novelty in your brain!)

Studies show that learning a new language increases the volume and density of gray matter, the volume of white matter, and brain connectivity.

5. Become an eloquent speaker who can present your arguments both firmly and empathetically for the other person’s point of view

According to research, over 90 % of the top perfumers are said to have high emotional intelligence.

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