Unlocking Your True Self: Shedding Social Conditioning

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Many of us, raised in the Western World, are draped in layers of social conditioning—prescribed behaviors, societal expectations, and Personas used as masks that often obscure our true selves. This conditioning could obscure the core of who we REALLY are, leading us to live lives scripted by external influences rather than authored by our own desires and spiritual alignment.

In this article, I will guide you through a few simple exercises you can use to hone your ESP (innate extra-sensory perception) and train your mind to challenge some of your ingrained assumptions about yourself and the world.

Unlock Your True Self : A Guided Visualization

Setting the Scene: Imagine yourself in an antique room filled with the steady ticking of a clock. As it ticks—tick-tock, tick-tock—you focus intently on it. Try to freeze the clock with your concentration, anchoring your mind in the moment.

The Journey Within:  Mentally enter the clock, transcending time itself. You’re suspended between worlds, a realm where boundaries dissolve. This is your own quantum field—a place of origin, of infinite possibilities. This is the place where you can be naked with your Higher Self and fully immersed in the wholeness of your original form – the essence of yourself as a newborn, entirely in sync with your divine form, which is pure love and acceptance.

Transcending the Ego:

Exercise: In your journal, write down moments you felt led by the ego/fear-based behaviors the previous day. Could you reflect on the correlation between your experiences and something you were taught as a child?
– Personal Anecdote: I remember when I first started to notice how my childhood experiences with a volatile father and timid mother shaped my reactions during conflicts. Once aware, I found myself stepping back, observing, and choosing responses that aligned with my true self, not just defensive instincts.

Understanding Loneliness vs. Solitude:

–  Exercise:  Spend 10 minutes in solitude each day, just observing your thoughts. Note any feelings of loneliness or contentment and explore their roots in a journal.
Reflection: Understand the difference between being alone and lonely. Learning how to enjoy solitude helps you enjoy your own company and reduce dependency on others for emotional fulfillment, while still acknowledging our human needs for connection and belonging.

From Reactivity to Responsiveness:

Exercise: When a stressful situation arises, pause for three deep breaths before responding. Afterward, jot down the outcomes of reacting vs. responding thoughtfully.
Insight: Learning how to listen with your heart and not just your ears. In other words, we should observe thoughts of judgment that often reside in our minds and peacefully let them transcend into neutrality and compassion.

Recognizing Who You Truly Are

I’d like you to reflect on who you are beyond external dependencies. This ‘you’ is vibrant, free, and unconditionally loving—led not by fear or societal expectations but by an inner truth.

Who Are You, Really?

– Dive into these questions without attachment to your usual identifiers like job, age, or social status:
– Who am I without the roles I play?
– What values do I hold dear when no one is watching?
– How do I define joy and fulfillment on my own terms?

Conclusion: A Call to Thrive

You are more than the sum of external accomplishments. Recognize your inner stability and mental security. Connect genuinely with others out of curiosity and connection. You are destined for greatness, fueled by cosmic energy.

If you enjoyed this article, please forward it to others and share your experience with this meditation or exercises in the comments below. You can also join my upcoming teaching events to explore these themes in a supportive community setting.

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Let’s continue this journey together, unlocking the real you, step by step.

The REAL you
The YOU that is joyful and vibrantly healthy
The YOU that is not dependent on external accomplishments to feel happy, prosperous, and free
The YOU that is not carrying the burden of what others may think of your choices
The YOU that feels ENOUGH in your self-worth
The YOU that is unafraid to speak your Truth
The YOU that openly shares your HEART with the World
The YOU that loves yourself and others unconditionally?
The YOU that is clear on your purpose and pursues your calling without hesitation
The YOU that is not attached to external validation
The YOU that is connecting to others with curiosity and compassion
The YOU that IS meant for Something Greater?

This version of YOU already exists. Let’s evolve into it together.

With care,


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