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Thank you for visiting my page. 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ana-Maria. 

I am a certified health and life purpose coach. In addition, I am also a dancer and a dance-fitness instructor, originally from Bulgaria, but currently based in Seattle, Wa. 

The mission of my brand, Luna_Voda Coaching (*it translates as Moon Water), is to help my clients to transform their bodies from the inside out.

The ultimate result my coaching aims to deliver is to help you rediscover your relationship to yourself and your body.

It is the kind of transformation that begins small but gradually sweeps over through your entire life: improving not only health, but also your relationships, self-care, career, confidence, and even life purpose.

The areas I cover are: 

  • Physical Transformation

  • Self Love & Confidence

  • Life Purpose 

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Empowerment & Mindset Shift

What To Expect From Working with a Coach One-on-One:

By working with me, you are likely to experience some of the following benefits (and, often, all of them combined!):
  • Shed stubborn weight

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase your energy and lower your stress 

  • Learn how to prevent and overcome sabotaging tendencies

  • Master your self-motivation and discipline

  • Create empowering new habits that help you reach your goals

What Do I Offer

  • Systematic guidance on nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, and exercise

  • Detailed 45-50 min check-ins (conducted virtually at a mutually convenient time) 

  • Ongoing support via emails and text messages

  • Unlimited email support for when you need the answers to your most burning questions now

  • Simple recipe ideas that provide your body with a balanced ratio of macro and micronutrients

  • 2 *BONUS* 10-minute laser “I am stuck and need help now” sessions

  • Stress management techniques

  • Guided meditation recordings created by me

  • Customized affirmations that help you to release trapped limiting beliefs 

  • Action sheets that promote accountability, self-awareness and introspection 

  • Guidance on when, where and how to eat (to increase your energy and mental focus)

  • “Done-For-You” worksheets and templates that provide clarity and motivation 

  • + Individual materials curated specifically with You in mind

To help me access which plan works best for you, please send me an e-mail at to tell me more about yourself and your goals. 

I am looking forward to supporting you on your journey. 

~ Ana-Maria


“Dear Ana-Maria, I want to thank you for sticking with me to help me shed over 25 pounds! You helped me change my diet for the better. Previously, I was afraid of food. You taught me about foods that I had never heard of before. You taught me how to “eat my greens” and really like it. You taught me quick, easy meals and some of them are portable…We also worked on my mental “baggage.” There were issues from my childhood that were still weighing me down with fear and self-doubt. The affirmations you sent to me were wonderful, for 2 reasons: (1) because it was obvious that you really heard me, and (2) because addressing my issues as they came up over the months, you helped me teach my brain how to set these things aside in appropriate wats through the affirmations and mediations of the week…I feel great. Now that I have less weight to move around I move around much more easily. The little aches and pains that are usually attributed to getting older are a non-issue. I am dancing more, I am walking more, I am enjoying my life more…Issues that used to get me down or make me angry no longer tun my life. I don`t dwell on them like I used to. They no longer hold power over me.” – V. R. 

“Ana-Maria is a creative soul and great motivator. She is always there for you to show you new techniques, and provide guidance with caring and positive vibe. And all that is a life-changing experience. I found the path to body and mind harmony, thanks to you, Ana-Maria. Please never stop creating and inspiring.” – Rumi G.

“Ana-Maria is the real deal. Sincere in her approach, direct, and strong articulated communication. She cares deeply about her subject and is passionate and inspiring as a speaker and coach. Highly recommend!” – Micah K.

Ana-Maria is just awesome, full of energy and definitely she knows what she is doing.” – Shuk N.

“You are an excellent coach. When I get stuck, you “unstuck” me. You challenge me to succeed, and I am making great progress. Old wounds are healing, and like any wound, it doesn`t happen overnight, but you help me to keep going. Sometimes, I`ve asked a question that I wasn`t sure you could answer, but you were able to explain what was going on and map a course of action to correct it. This has taught me that I can really trust you. Clearly, your training was excellent!” – Ginger R.

“Ana-Maria is a fantastic coach, she has a genuine interest to help her clients achieve their goals and her high energy is refreshing. Highly recommend 5/5. Chris V

“I have been more than thrilled about my experience with Ana-Maria! I am really impressed with her customized and agile approach to wellness and life-coaching. The progress that I accomplished in the first two months of collaborating with her is phenomenal, both physically and emotionally. The results came so fast and are so tangible that my motivation to get to the best version of myself is growing by the hour. I didn`t realize how much I already knew about wellness until I started working with Ana-Maria. However, she has been the driving force behind guiding me, keeping me organized and showing me ways of applying the knowledge I already have and the new knowledge that I am acquiring through her. I can`t wait to see how far she will help me to get in my journey of discovering my true self and being the best version of myself that I could ever be! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ana-Maria!” – Pauline S.

“I love working with Ana-Maria, getting weekly assignments and experimenting with different foods and seeing what works for my body. I also like that`s is not a race and not a competition.
 It`s totally working. Everyone is commenting on how good I look. I feel so much better about my self-esteem.  It is very important to work with a coach because you keep yourself accountable…learning how to eat, what to eat, and implanting positive seeds in your brain.  
I highly recommend it to everybody! It`s the perfect package: getting all the information I need, the motivation, and the support.
It is PRICE-LESS. It`s the best investment you can do in your life. You are changing your habits forever.” – Katie B.


There is never a more in/convenient time than the present moment.

You deserve to look&feel great!

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Disclaimer. The scope of my health coaching practice is not a substitute for medical treatment of an occurring physical disease and doesn’t provide a diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If you suspect you may have an illness that may require medical attention, please consult with a licensed physician.

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