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You Can Have It All!

What’s your motivation to start WINNING in your life?

My name is Ana-Maria Georgieva, and I help high-achievers to 10x their confidence and enjoy success without compromising their health or relationships.


The good news for you is that everything you could possibly want is tied together.

By improving one area in your life, you build the confidence and motivation to set more goals…and achieve them all.

The bad news is everything negative that you likely don`t longer want is also tied together.

If you don’t feel confident and motivated, you will likely remain stuck in all areas: compromising not only your health but also the communication in your relationships and also your career growth and day-to-day performance.

This client of mine not only re-built her confidence back after staying stuck in a toxic marriage for years, she also completely and permanently reset her emotional and mental health and is now in the process of pursuing her dream job, and enjoying her life to the fullest!

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⁣⁣When we think we don’t have options — we remain stuck. ⁣⁣When we believe we have options — we create them.⁣⁣

As a certified health & life coach, with mastery in transformational coaching and NLP hypnotherapy, specializing in coaching high-achievers, I can help you to achieve all of your goals with high energy, clarity, and unshakable confidence.

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Your most dedicated cheerleader,

Ana-Maria Georgieva