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You came here for a reason

What’s your motivation to want a BETTER life?

My name is Ana-Maria, and I help women (and their partners!) to improve their health, build unshakable confidence, and follow their life purpose… while improving every area of their lives!

The good news for you is that everything you could possibly want is tied together.

By improving one area in your life, you build the confidence and motivation to set more goals…and achieve them all.

The bad news is everything negative that you likely don`t longer want also tied together.

You Are One Discovery Call Away From Changing Your Life The Way YOU Want It!

If you don’t feel confident and motivated, you will likely remain stuck in all areas: compromising not only your health but also the communication in your relationships and also your career growth and day-to-day performance.

If you wait too long, one day it will be too late…

This client of mine not only built her confidence back after being in a toxic marriage, she reset her emotional and mental health and is now in the process of pursuing her dream job!

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Life is too short to feel demotivated, depleted of energy, under-appreciated, and out of sync with your body`s innate wisdom.

⁣⁣When we think we don’t have options — we remain stuck. ⁣⁣When we believe we have options — we create them.⁣⁣

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You can create a life(style) that helps you feel energized, confident, and empowered. photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers

You deserve MORE.

And you can have more! Not a little good but ALL GOOD.

You have it all…one step at a time.

The first step is to give yourself permission to want.

The second step is to give yourself permission to HAVE what you want.

The third step is to go after what you want and to ask for help if you don`t know where to start.

As a certified health & life coach specialized in coaching women, with mastery in transformational coaching and NLP hypnotherapy, I can help you achieve all of your goals with high energy, clarity, and unshakeable confidence.

Let`s talk! Your orientation call is free.

Your most dedicated cheerleader,


Certified Transformational Coach

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My Programs:

The PREMIUM 90- Day Transformation – Tailored To YOU! – Weekly Sessions, Customized Action-Sheets, Guided Meditations, NLP – Neurolinguistic Reprogramming – Subliminals & On-Going Text and Email Support + MORE, depending on your goals!

The Energy Regenerator (12 Weeks; 2 sessions per month) + Includes the 14-Day Metabolic Reset With Cleansing Menus + Recipes + NLP Coaching on Preventing Self-Sabotage So You Can Create PERMANENT Changes that LAST!

The Confidence Builder (12 Weeks; 2 sessions/m) + Full Makeover; Including Mindset, Body Language/Magnetic Presence + Persuasive Communication + Releasing Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Claiming Your Power

The Life Purpose Program (6-12 months; Intensive!Reserved For High-Achievers Who To Build a Legacy + Make an Impact & Create Deep Fulfillment In Their Lives & Completely Reinvent Themselves)

Rise In Love With Yourself + Create Space For Romantic Love By Learning How To Love And Accept Yourself UnconditionallyMonthly Renewal Until You Manifest Your Dream Partner <3

•Couple Coaching For Emotional Intimacy & Better Communication (12 Weeks; 2 sessions/m). Limited Spots

Individual Sessions – Laser Coaching On Demand (75 min each)– Limited Spots, Booked 20-30 days in Advance

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