How To Re-Connect To Your Heart Through Meditation

Your heart contains the memory of every moment of triumph, defeat, happiness, shame, sorrow, courage, pain and disappointment you have ever experienced.

On a biochemical level, your heart literally tries to protect you from experiencing a situation resembling old trauma or negative experience by shutting down.

Thanks to the so-called messenger molecules, our brain translates every emotion into a chemical equivalent that we feel in our whole body (liver, kidneys, intensities) but mostly in our heart.

For example, it is very common that people become closed off for new romance shortly after a break-up because the heart acts as a guardian and tries to keep us at bay from falling again for an emotion that might hurt us. 

Here is come context….

The majority of people live from the first chakra – the root chakra, at the base of the spine, whose main focus is survival

The second chakra, located in the abdominal area, the sacral chakra, rules our emotions, sensitivity, and sensuality, while the third chakra – the solar plexus, at the navel area, is about willpower and power

From the navel area to the fourth chakra, the heart center, the bridge between the physical and soul, requires effort to open

When you have an open heart…your world is filled with love, fulfillment, and self-actualization

In order to practice this conscious attunement to your heart`s health, you need to spend some time retracing the earliest memory you can remember of you being hurt or neglected as a child (or a young adult)* and send healing thoughts to that experience.

*If this exercise feels too difficult, consider working with a trained professional who can help you get there.

Before attracting a new partner, you have to first reassure your heart it is safe for you to let go of past pains.

That equation applies to every other situation and relationship.

It might be a colleague/your boss/a a family member/an estranged friend.

Very often, we attract people that resemble a behavior we are trying to escape from.

Perhaps your boss is disrespecting you, or your colleague is talking down on you; or your family members are not supporting your lifestyle choices?

Whatever that might be, it is always a reflection on your view the world and yourself.

Whatever we project is mirrored in the external environment and the way people treat and perceive us.

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And it all begins in your heart.

If your heart is attuned to vibration of unconditional love and compassion, you will begin to emanate this energy to everyone you meet and they will subconsciously start to mirror your vibration of self-respect, mindfulness, and kindness. 

The most efficient way to be more attuned to your heart is through movement therapy and meditation.

Follow these instructions to connect to your heart with meditation. 

  • Begin by visualizing your heart shining brightly surrounded by light
  • Place your hands a few inches in front of it without relaxing them on your chest.
  • The heart has a very high magnetic frequency and you might even feel your hands warming up.
  • Imagine a golden thread connected between your heart, hands, and temples
  • Align your thoughts to match the vibration of peace and surrender.
  • Breathe in stillness and let go of any thoughts.
  • Feel your heart, and listen.
  • Ask your heart what does it need and what does it want?
  • What is it afraid of and is it ready to let go?

My favorite meditation music for this practice.

If you want, listen to the guided meditation I created.

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