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Even though I innately carry a distinctly creative, bubbly, and self-driven personality, further influenced by my life-long passion for dance and the performing arts, I spent most of my teens and early twenties battling the harsh voice of self-criticism. I appeared confident and outspoken on the outside, but on the inside, I carried imprints from childhood trauma that hindered my potential, and even impacted my physical and mental health.

Have you ever dealt with this common trait of high-achievers? The fear of not being good enough despite your achievements on paper?

Have you ever felt that you are only as "good" as your next accomplishment at work?

Have you ever allowed yourself to be treated as a secondary choice in your romantic relationships?

So have most of my clients, and I have worked with exceptionally talented and well-educated people from top professions.

Because I was so determined to overcome my own limitations, prior to becoming a professional coach, I dove straight into personal development and various healing modalities to reprogram my mindset, revitalize my health, reconnect to my authentic self, and gradually become the empowered, energetic & dedicated coach I am today.

My name is Ana-Maria. I was born in Bulgaria and moved to the States when I was 17.

Driven by my desire to improve myself and follow my purpose, I created unique coaching programs that merge spirituality with behavioral science, leadership, relationship improvement, mindset expansion, and advanced wellness. 

My company's mission, at Luna Voda Coaching, is to empower leaders to get out of their own way and unlock their full potential to impact the world with their visionary ideas and personal story of transformation.
Your past mistakes do not define you.
You define yourself!
This definition defines your future.
It will be my honor and greatest privilege to show you the way to freedom, healing, purpose, and meaningful success.



Did you know?


I am a life-long dancer with a double major in International Studies and Dance, and extensive experience in the fitness & wellness industry; prior to transitioning to coaching full time in 2020. 


I am very passionate about eating healthy and maintaining a, what I call, balanced EPM - emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.


I have conducted multiple research papers. Thanks to the invaluable support of my university mentor professor, in 2018, I conducted a scholarly research study on the correlation between our self-talk, cultural upbringing and body language; as revealed in the way we move in space with and without other people. This research became the foundation of my signature confidence-building methodology in mindset, presence and communication.



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