The Story Behind Luna Voda Coaching: How I Got From Lost To Found & Discovered My Life Purpose in My Twenties

In my last year in college, I conducted a comprehensive research (approved by The Human Subjects in Seattle, Wa) on the relationship between our body language and our internal self-talk and cultural upbringing.

This is when my transformation began.

My name is Ana-Maria…The founder of Luna Voda Coaching (literally, Moon Water)

I was born and raised in Bulgaria.

I started dancing when I was five, which created my lifetime passion for creative self-expression and movement and later developed into a career pursuit in teaching dance-fitness, meditation, and healthy living.

Because of my mum, a scholar AND a dancer, I started to study English at age ten and later pursued my interests in humanities at the National High School For Ancient Languages and Cultures in Sofia, Bulgaria

When I was 17, I came to Portland, OR, to study at the Waldorf School in Portland OR. Later, I received a double major (with honors) from The University Of Washington in International Studies and Dance.

In my early twenties, I struggled with a lot of issues triggered by my strained relationship with my biological dad; from body image dysmorphia to commitment issues and chronic self-doubt that was crippling my ability to perceive myself as worthy of love and success.

This persistent lack of self-approval (that started at age 14!) not only prevented me from feeling confident in myself, despite my academic achievements or physical attributes, but it also interfered with my physical health…leading to hormonal issues, loss of period, acne, adrenal fatigue and a complete alienation from my body…for years!

During this dark period of my life, I felt empty; I felt unlovable, I felt fatigued, lost, hideous, and incapable of coping with my traumas….until one day, at age 22, I decided that enough is enough.

I HAD to do something…

In my last year in college, I conducted a comprehensive research (approved by The Human Subjects in Seattle, Wa) on the relationship between our body language and our internal self-talk and cultural upbringing.

I was fortunate to present my findings at the annual Research Symposium hosted by the University of Washington.

During this time, I previewed close to a thousand books in movement therapy, neuroscience, behavioral therapy, gender studies, and more.

Driven by these interests, I later got certified in health and life coaching with mastery in NLP transformational coaching and found my company Luna Voda Coaching (literally, moon water in my native language).

I chose this name because it symbolizes the nurturing element of water in a synergetic balance with the moon’s divine feminine nature.

And this is what my coaching is all about: empowering women to empower themselves, re-connect to their innate wisdom and rebuild their confidence…by gradually transforming and improving every other area in their lives.

In my work, I help women to reconnect to their bodies, improve their health, build unshakable confidence, find and follow their life purpose, become assertive communicators, and deepen the emotional intimacy with their partners.

Remember…Your Past Doesn’t Define You. You Define Yourself. These Choices Define Your Future.

My life purpose is helping other women who are going through similar issues, like I was, to feel seen, supported, and encouraged – and to show them how to get their power back, rebuild their confidence, and create permanent changes in their self-perception.

If I could recover from my traumas and become the confident, driven, and successful woman I am today, I am certain that everyone can do it.

Everything I do today, I do it because I wish someone was there for me when I felt lost, self-loathing, and helpless.

I became the coach I wish I had when I was struggling….

Your past cannot control you.

You can break free! You deserve to be free!

Just ten years ago, I was on the edge of a complete breakdown.

Today, I am healthy, happy, confident and free from past addictions and negative self-talk. I was also able to overcome my commitment phobia and create space for romantic love & partnership in my personal life.

Not only did I heal from my past but I was able to transfer the skills I`d acquired in this process of personal development and soul-searching and compile them into a straightforward blueprint for transformation that I now customize for the individual goals of my clients.

The results are tangible because once you dedicate yourself to leaving the past behind, you can achieve anything you set your mind to accomplish.

In my work, I empower women to empower themselves and to get behind the wheel of their life path.

Change is difficult, and this is why I am so passionate about my work. I’ve invested thousands of hours and thousands (and thousands…) of dollars into my personal development, and I’ve compiled all of my tools into an easy-to-follow program that I’ve designed to help everyone become the best version of themselves.

Every woman out there deserves to look and feel great!

I am here to help…

Let’s Talk!

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