How To Read Body Language & Build Better Rapport With Others

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Thich Nhat Hanh said, “If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence. How can you love, if you are not even there?”

Not everyone is an active listener though…most people listen with their ears only, and not their hearts

Have you ever experienced a conversation when you felt like the other person is distracted, not fully present, emotionally distanced, and not actively engaged with you, body language-wise? 

Active (also known as deep) listening is not just about paying attention to what’s said verbally; it about paying attention to what’s said non-verbally. 

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Close to 80 % of our communication is non-verbal

It involves physical cues, posture, eye contact (or lack of such), energetic presence and a lot more.

Often what`s unsaid contains more meaning than what words alone can convey.

Do you want to deepen your active listening skills so you could build better rapport with others?

Keep reading.

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how to understand people better

Although it’s not your responsibility to monitor how others perceive you, it’s YOUR responsibility to articulate your thoughts CLEARLY and without vagueness or passive-aggressiveness.

10 Questions for personal reflection:

1) Are you an attentive & active listener?

2) Do you pay attention to non-physical cues?

3) Do you practice daily mindfulness so you could be emotionally balanced and less prone to acting defensive?

4) Do you listen absent-mindedly with your ears, or do you listen with your heart and are energetically present in your conversations?

5) Do you think it your “fault” when people mistreat you or take advantage of you?

6) Do you easily go from judgment and resentment, or do you hold on to these feelings for a long time?

7) Do you openly communicate your feelings, or do you expect the other person to “guess” what`s going on with you?

8} Do you set healthy boundaries in your relationships, or do you struggle to express your needs openly and articulately?

9) Are you a people`s pleaser, or are do you share your opinions with kind assertiveness?

10) Do you invest an effort to make your partner/friends/family members feel appreciated, loved, seen, and accepted for who they are and NOT who you want them to be?

If you often feel misunderstood, you might want to check in with yourself to make sure you are not expecting others to guess your needs or read your mind.

Nobody can detect what you REALLY need unless you learn how to communicate effectively:)

Everything in Life is a skill; including persuasive communication.

As I often tell my clients – just because you don`t know how to do something, it doesn`t mean you can`t learn it.

The question is – do you actually want to learn?

Learning is not just about accessing new information; it`s about IMPLEMENTING this information.

This is exactly why there are people who might graduate with a high GPA and still struggle to change their habits or mindset.

Information doesn`t create change.


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