How To Balance The Feminine And Masculine Energies In Your Body

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Do you want to learn how to connect your mind to your heart?

You must unify your interweaven masculine ~ feminine energies first.

You can be masculine in a “feminine” form and can also be in touch with your feminine as a male (that includes non-binary people!)

The masculine and feminine energies are fluid and interdependent and that’s why we have to be balanced in our polarities in order to attract healthy and wholesome relationships — the opposite of dysfunctional and co-dependent relationships!

Why do we need to feel balanced in the feminine and masculine energies?

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The Feminine archetype balances the Masculine, and to feel inner balance, we must possess positive qualities of each archetype.

balance the feminine and masculine energies
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According to Carl Jung, the Feminine can include a multitude of archetypal energies within her (The Virgin, The Seductress, The Lover, The Queen, The Emperor, The Healer, The Mother, The Mystic, etc.)

A mature Feminine, according to Jung, is in tune with her emotions and fosters inspiration, beauty, connection, and deep love for those around her.

The Feminine magnetizes, attracts, and possesses natural intuitive and creative gifts.

She can let go and surrender with ease and also preserve her strength during hardship and challenges.

The Masculine is often represented with the archetypal energies of the Warrior, The Lover, The Father, The Priest, The Magician, and the King.

This archetype unifies, rules protects, loves deeply, and creates structure through action and perseverance.

According to Jung, a mature Masculine archetype will have confronted his own limitations and insecurities and learned how to temper and hold them with responsibility.

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