Ana-Maria Georgieva




Hi, I’m Ana Maria. I have an extensive background in behavioral psychology, NLP, dance & movement therapy, and wellness, and advanced emotional, physical & spiritual wellness practices; that include high-performance habits & meditation. Throughout my life, I’ve been a high-achiever determined to pursue a life path of having it all... I wanted to discover how to have the EXCELLENT health, the LOVING (& Equal) relationship & the FULFFILING career/Life Purpose... without the overwhelm or burn-out. I knew that there must be a way to create success without sacrificing our well-being or our relationships. And during this time, I’ve been able to achieve a deep, loving, intimate relationship with my ideal partner, deep conviction & immersion into my life purpose (that I turned into a profitable & fulfilling career), and vibrant, abundant health and well-being, mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually... And I’ve learned several key insights that ANYONE can use to improve their life, let go of limitations, and truly step into a reality where they HAVE IT ALL. Are you ready to HAVE IT ALL? Subscribe to my blog to receive notifications of upcoming posts!