From Artistic Roots to Financial Fruits: My Journey to Building Ethical Wealth

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Do you STILL feel guilty about pursuing money and success assuming that making money doing what you love somehow takes aways your value or passions? 

It’s possible you’re caught in the societal belief that suffering and living in poverty are prerequisites for being considered a “good” person. Many entrepreneurs and artists have been fed this lie. In reality, embracing your own well-being and success enables you to contribute more significantly.  The truth is that by prioritizing your own resources, you can offer generous support to others without draining your health or energy.

Do you want to dissolve the fears and guilt around money?

Keep reading.

Born in Bulgaria in the early 90s, into a family of artists and scholars, I had no grasp of money. In fact, growing up, my beliefs about money and rich people were primarily negative. 

“Rich people are corrupted and malicious” was a common stereotype in Bulgaria and, unfortunately, to an extent, somewhat valid.

After moving to America, a country where, in theory, virtually everyone could turn their dreams into a reality with effort and dedication, I ventured into starting my own business straight after college — with NO initial capital or preliminary knowledge of managing finances, let alone growing an international company. 

At the launch of my business, I had no existing network of affluent friends, so I submerged myself in the wisdom of the wealthy through books, videos, and podcasts. As I started to develop and scale my business, my comprehension of money’s true nature crystallized. And with it, my confidence in my competence.

Determined to become financially literate and prosperous, while barely covering my bills at the startup phase of my business, and even having to rely on food stamps for a period of time, I was heading to my local library every Friday, suitcase in tow, devouring hundreds of books on success, probing the lives of prosperous individuals, and dissecting the essence of wealth, investment, and mindset.

Yes, I was reading approximately 5-10 new books every month, from all areas of personal development, as I was rewiring my mindset to upgrade my beliefs, confidence, and self-concept! And, most importantly, I was applying the takeaways I was learning daily: both in my coaching and personal life.

PRO-tip! Your network (and net worth) grows with your SELF-worth. Your mindset is your most valuable asset!

When you learn how to think, act, behave and carry yourself with authority and competence, your circle shifts as well and people begin to respect and value you more.

As an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach, I recognize that mere financial literacy isn’t the silver bullet to affluence. If it were, riches would be universal. Our subconscious, a repository of deeply ingrained beliefs, significantly colors our financial perspective. This phenomenon explains the perpetuation of poverty and wealth across generations. 

Hence, it’s crucial to absorb the tactical knowledge of the newly rich or legacy wealth holders and embrace their mindset. Interestingly, the most prosperous and magnanimous individuals often start at the very humble beginnings; as I frequently observe with my most successful clients as well! 

Picture the impact you can create in the world when you have sufficient resources?

If you’re at a crossroads, unsure of the first step towards building meaningful wealth, without sacrificing your values, pivot towards your mindset. It’s the cornerstone of building enduring, ethical wealth.

~Ana-Maria ❤️

And in case you are curious, the five most common traits successful people often exhibit are:

1. Resilience: The ability to bounce back from setbacks with courage and optimism, learn from failure, and persist in the face of adversity.

2. Discipline: Strong self-control and the ability to set goals and work steadily towards them, often sacrificing immediate gratification for long-term success.

3. Continuous Learning: A lifelong commitment to personal and professional growth, always seeking new knowledge, skills, and experiences. Always investing in quality and experiences before material possessions. 

4. Adaptability: The flexibility to adjust strategies and approaches when faced with new information, changing conditions, or unexpected challenges.

5. Vision: The capacity to identify opportunities, envision potential futures, set ambitious goals, and inspire others to join in the pursuit of those goals.

Are you a visionary leader who wants to create impact and lasting fulfillment that money alone does NOT bring?

Let’s have a conversation!

Are you doing well according to societal standards and still feeling like something kEY is missing from your life? Are you eager to discover your purpose? I can help!

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