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My optimal purpose in life is to guide and inspire Superstars like YOU to fully step into the embodiment of their most authentic selves so that you can shine your light fully and create the life you were meant for to impact the world through your transformation and visionary ideas.

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Hey Legend!

Thank you so much for visiting Luna Voda Coaching

Eight years ago, I started my blog (initially called Dance Fit Ideas), and it was centered around wellness, confidence, and nutrition 

As my own entrepreneurial ideas developed, the blog evolved and shapeshifted into its new name, Luna Voda Coaching, meaning, Moon Water in my native language, Bulgarian 

Since its rebirth in 2016, my coaching platform has expanded to reach new heights: incorporating all areas of our well-being and personal fulfillment: from our physical, emotional, and mental health to our relationships, career growth, and life purpose 

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, 

I had no guidance or resources how to achieve my dreams of creating the impact I have always envisioned for my company 

What I had was steadfast persistence, unwavering consistency, unshakable faith, clear vision for my future, and inner resourcefulness that I was in charge of my creating my destiny 

A few years later, I was able to extend my private coaching clientele to corporate clients, executives, CEOs, and other visionary entrepreneurs 

Last year, in April, I launched my Mastermind, #EVOLVE – an intimate group coaching container for impact-driven professionals who want to make a positive difference with their gifts, talents, and purpose

One year later, in April of 2023, I created my first self-study courses (The Confidence Builder and The Life Purpose Discovery) and started preparing for my own Next Level — similarly to what I coach my clients how to create 

This year, I am in the process of starting my own book on showing people how to reclaim their power and create the life they’re meant for!

With the support of a remarkable design team, who helped me turn my vision into a reality, today, I am celebrating the launch of my new website at 

What you will discover there is an interactive platform with blog posts, products, book recommendations, services, original designs, and my signature heart-centered approach 

I hope my personal story of transformation and discovering my life purpose at a young age (you can read it at the Luna Voda’s site) inspires you to remember that your past doesn’t define your future 

You define your future, and this definition defines your success in all areas ❤️

Be the change you want to see in others!

With love and gratitude for following my content,

~ Ana-Maria

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