Accept and Let It Go: How To Use Less Control and Be At Peace

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True self-acceptance means letting go of attachments. 

What does it mean to let go of attachments?

It means to accept what you cannot change and be at peace with the outcome: regardless if it is what you thought you wanted.

Life is an intricate balance of a constant push & pull.

When we don’t resist the flow of the Universe, we flow effortlessly with Her messages.

What we resist, however, always persists.

We attract the same people and situations when we stay confined in the limitations of our mental conditioning. 

If you don’t consciously decide to change your reaction to events, you remain enslaved to an outside influence. 

The practice of acceptance and letting go means we stop waiting on other people to “complete” us and make us feel loved, seen, wanted, appreciated, and recognized for our accomplishments. 

No one can complete us if we don’t already feel whole and complete in ourselves.

If you don’t think you’re worthy of love, success, and happiness, life will confirm these beliefs.

Loving yourself is far different from being vain or self-conceited.

The practice of conscious self-love means you accept your imperfections and feel comfortable in your skin without searching for outside approval. 

We only have one ”now” to love, accept, and appreciate ourselves.

We either seize it, or we miss another day to shine and thrive.

It isn’t our responsibility to monitor other people’s perception of us but is our responsibility to project clearly our boundaries and self-respect. 

When we take a step toward valuing ourselves more, our relationships shift and transform towards mutual trust, respect, and acceptance. 

How do you practice letting go? Let me know!

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