10 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself Today

What`s your score (be honest!)

1) How healthy are you: physically, emotionally, and mentally (1-10)?

2) How sustainable is your energy throughout the week and how rested do you wake up?

3) How emotionally intimate do you feel to your partner (if in a relationship)?

4) Where in your life do you want to experience change, and what, if anything, is stopping you from achieving it?

5) How balanced do you feel in your masculine and feminine energies?

6) What is your predominant emotion: gratitude/fulfillment OR anger/envy?

7) Do you perceive yourself as a skilled communicator, or do you often feel like other people overstep your boundaries?

8} What is your spiritual state — do you feel connected to A Higher Power?

9) Can you self-motivate yourself, or do you often procrastinate on your most important projects until you reach overwhelm?

10) Do you have people in your life who can keep you accountable and motivated to pursue your goals, or are you surrounded by negativity and nay-sayers who bring you down or cause you to doubt or judge yourself? 

To get what you want in life, you need to go through these four steps:

  1. Access and acknowledge the truth about what you desire in your life
  2. Discover how to ask for what you want, so you can experience a change in the direction of your desired outcome
  3. Being willing to receive what you want (without finding excuses)
  4. Develop resilience and overcome self-doubt

If there is something you want that you don’t have yet, there are vitally important reasons why.

If you want to quit on your goals and dreams, what that means is, that you are succumbing to a fear that has not been transformed (yet!)

First, you have to understand the underlying reasons that might keep you from getting what you want.

Only when you discover how to ask for what you want, you can experience a change in the direction of your desired outcome.

Why stepping into your power is the only way to get what you want?

Because If we can’t connect with our power, and express that power, we are not going to feel fulfilled and we will eventually self-sabotage and give up.

My question to you is, What if your desires and appetites were pointing you in the direction of your life’s purpose?

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