Not Every Exercise Produces Endorphins: And Here Is WHY

Do you believe the myth that every movement counts as exercise, and every exercise produces endorphins?

You Are Not Alone!

Here it is the thing.

All movement is good, but not as good as exercise, in the strict application of the term: defined as an “activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.”

There are tons of benefits to going for a walk and getting busy with household chores that require physical engagement.

What they do, however, is to increase your TDE (Total Daily Expenditure). They don`t change your muscular structure. 

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Long walks are a great addition to your workouts, but they can`t substitute the results you get from a physical routine that challenges your muscles and improves your coordination and balance.

And if you fell for the myth that every form of exercise produces endorphins, you are not alone.

Many people believe it.

Doing crunches doesn`t give you abs. And not every exercise produces endorphins.


Because not every exercise routine is designed in a way to keep you engaged: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

To “get” the endorphins, you have to do a routine that does the following:

  • It makes you sweat
  • It makes you pay attention
  • It incorporates effort 
  • It has a sensory stimulus that makes you happy (like music)
  • It strengthens your heart and boosts your energy
  • It improves muscles tone and releases the tension in your muscles
  • It helps you feel confident and fit

Whatever you are doing, make sure your workouts challenge you, make your muscles guessing, keep you coming back for more, excite you to look forward to your workout, and – most importantly – help you feel strongER, energized, and confident.

If you genuinely love your workouts, keep doing what you`re doing.

All I care about is that you stay active and prioritize your physical and mental health.

~ Ana-Maria
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