How To Discover Your “Why”

Why underneath the why and Henry Ford quote

By following these five steps you would get a clearer understanding of the meaning behind your goals; you would know if the means of the goals is the same as the ending result you think you are after; and you would be more equipped to take a directed and an aligned action.

By following these steps, you will find your WHY 

The paradigm of any substantial change and life-transition is to discover the why underneath the WHY of your decision.

In order to achieve clarity and solidify your motivation follow the steps below and write them down in your journal.

1️⃣ My decision to… (fill in the blank)
2️⃣ By making this transition, I am looking to achieve…
3️⃣ I would like to feel more… in my life
4️⃣ This is important to me because….
5️⃣ If I don’t make this change now, what will my life be like for me six months from now?

Please answer thoroughly these questions and keep addressing them as time goes by (on a daily basis) to keep yourself accountable that you are following what’s the true meaning behind your goal.

For example: people often say they want to lose weight, when they actually want to feel better in their skin and to be more confident; people often chase the goal of making an x amount of money when in fact they actually want a fulfilling career and more freedom to travel and do their hobbies; people often fixate on finding a partner when, very commonly, they want to feel the love they are not giving to themselves, etc.

Why underneath the why and Henry Ford quote
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Please remember that you don’t need to have all pieces of the puzzle sorted out in order to enjoy the process of resolving the riddle.
We don’t have to be in a place “z” in order to enjoy not being there yet.
We don’t have to know all of the answers in order to enjoy receiving them with an open mind and a clear from sabotaging fears and worries heart.

What we all need is to untangle the core purpose of our intention and chase not the goal itself but the why underneath the why.

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