Fortify Your Smoothie Bowl in 7 steps

Fortify Your Smoothie Bowl in 7 steps


Fortify your #smoothiebowl in seven steps: 🍏🥒🔅🎨🎾
1) Add greens (I used lettuce, one large zucchini, celery)🔰🚣🏼🏅
2) Use fibrous vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits for your base (Here I have two medium beets, one tiny green apple and a cup of frozen blueberries.) 🔮⛹🏽‍♀️🍇
3) Don’t forget to add protein (I used two tablespoons of hemp protein and a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds: also very rich in Zinc and Magnesium 😉💪🏼🖕
4) Improve your brain function with seed sources of #omega3 (I used flax seeds) 🤴🏻
5) Upscale your daily #selenium intake with (one to two Brazil nuts provide you with more than your basal daily needs )
6) Supersize the nutritional value with #superfoods (though optional!).
I used matcha and maca powder. 💛🍀😎

In addition to consuming greens in their unprocessed form, I also recommend using a green powder that you can add to your smoothies.
This is the best brand I have found so far and it actually tastes great!

Green Powder For Shakes And Smoothies

You can use my link for orders and get a free shipping.

7) Spice it up! 🖕A dash of cinnamon regulates your Insulin levels and cumin assist digestion (I use them interchangeably in my smoothies). 😊


Voila! 🏹7 steps to a super potent and energizing breakfast/lunch! 🏃🏽‍♀️

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Green Monster Lunch: Portable and Satisfying!

Green Monster Lunch: Portable and Satisfying!

If you usually are on the go and would like to bring a delicious meal with you, but don`t have time to cook, this recipe is for you!

You only need ten minutes of your time, few ingredients, a smile, and a container.

And More Specifically:

2 cups of fresh peas

1/2 banana

Two tablespoons of flax and pumpkin seeds

A scoop of protein powder*

Optional ads for nutrient enhancement:

Maca powder, goji berries, green powder

I also had few figs so I sliced them up too.:)

Mix them all very well and enjoy. To liquify the base, add half of cup of almond milk or herbal tea.

I actually used green tea and it tasted great and energizing! 



(*I will have a discount code for the products I use in those recipes in the next few days. Keep an eye for it! Very excited to team up with my favorite brand, 1st Phorm)

Hope you try and enjoy this recipe!

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Hi friends,

In today`s post I will share my tips how to soak chia seeds for optimal absorption and health benefits: whether you want to lose weight or simply add more fiber and omega 3 to your meal.

First, what are chia seeds and why they are so versatile? They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, magnesium and also protein! (3 grams per tablespoon)


You can sprinkle them on your meals or add them to your smoothie. Ideally,  you need to soak them in water (or in a non-diary milk, if preferred) for at least ten minutes. The seeds form a gel that amplifies their size in triple which makes chia seeds very filling and beneficial for your digestion.

Easy breakfast/midday snack recipe with chia seeds:

Chia Pudding

Soak four table spoons of chia seeds in a jar for at least twenty minutes with a glass of unsweetened almond or coconut water, a dropfull of stevia (natural sweetener), a dash of cinnamon, blueberries. You can blend it or eat as a pudding.

Chia Oats

You can also mix a half of a cup of oats with the chia seeds and one small banana. I promise you this recipe will keep you full four hour because of the rich fiber content.

Chia Smoothie

An easy post-workout fuel! Chia seeds, greens, one frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk (or just water).






Fruity Breakfast for Active People

Fruity Breakfast for Active People

Overflowing deliciousness for active people 

 📌 Blend any greens of your choice ( I used chard) with  three medium carrots, two bananas, a scoop of plant-based protein, 2-3 tea-spons of cacao, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, two Brazil nuts (very high in Selenium, a mineral very important for healthy skin and nails) and top your creation with kiwi, apple slices, goji berries and mulberries, and a bit of raw (unsweetened) almond butter.


 I estimated this meal to come down to about 800 cal (134 g C, 20 g F, 35 g P) with 30 grams of fiber. It is rich in Zinc, Omega 3, Potassium, Vitamin A and C, Calcium and Iron.


To lower the calorie count in half, just skip the toppings and limit your fat intake to only one source (either the nuts or seeds or the almond butter).

About me:

I follow #intermittentfasting and tend to eat my first meal at noun so smoothie bowls are absolutely convenient because they are very easy to digest and can be packed with nutrition (and enough calories to sustain my busy schedule 😛).
P.s I am also into aromatherapy. Let me know if you are interested in what kind of essential oils do I use. 


Healthy (Gourmet) Toppings

Healthy (Gourmet) Toppings

Good morning sunny people,

If you still haven`t had breakfast or are going to make yourself a smoothie bowl for an afternoon snack, here are my recommendations how to bring the flavor (and nutrition value) of your fruity bowl to the next level. Yum!

The base of your smoothie bowl should follow a ratio of greens, fruit (I like the combo of juicy low-sugar fruits like berries and the more calorie-dense ones like bananas) , healthy fats and a protein source (added protein will maximize the satiety and will help your body to recover quickly after a workout or a dance practice).


The toppings that I use regularly are:

  • sprouted buckwheat and quinoa (you can find them in stores)
  • soaked chia seeds (soaking turns them into a gooey jello 😜)
  • hemp seeds (very rich in omega-6 and protein)
  • maca powder (an adaptogen proven to balance the hormones and increase the libido…Olala!)
  • mulberries (extra crunchy and you only need to sprinkle a few to get the flavor)
  • cacao nibs (rich in Magnesium!)
  • raw pumpkin seeds (also rich in Magnesium and also protein)
  • goji berries (rich in Vitamin A and Calcium)
  • any superfood (i.g. spirulina, moringa powder, barley grass powder, etc.)

In the pictured smoothie I blended spinach, two frozen bananas (you can use just one if you prefer to minimize the calories), a cup of strawberries, a scoop of protein powder (I used SunWarrior, the chocolate version) and a teaspoon of #spirulina. ☝🏼

I chopped one small plum on top for extra freshness and sweetness 😛

Hope you enjoy this recipes. Stay healthy!

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Super Green(s) Sweet Smoothies

Super Green(s) Sweet Smoothies

Greens are one of the most basic superfoods you can find: rich in chlorophyll, various macronutrients, vitamins and amino acids (a.k.a protein building blocks).

Even if you are not a fan of their taste in a raw form you will start to love them in smoothies – the added fruit takes away any vegetable aftertaste and as a result you enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal full of fiber and antioxidants.

Here I am sharing few of my favourite recipes.  I like to use various toppings to maximize the nutritional value of my meals but you can always skip them if you don’t have the same ingredients. Remember the basics and just use the products you have available!

1. Blend a whole package of arugula (15 ozes)  with a glass of water (or, if you prefer, coconut water/nondairy milk),  few celery sticks, 2 medium carrots, a scoop of plant-based protein powder (I like the brands: Garden of Raw, Sunwarrior and Vega), a touch of vanilla, cumin and 3 medium bananas. I always add lime juice to my smoothies, it makes them taste incredibly fresh! 🏋🏻🍓💪🏼

  • toppings: maca, pumpkin spice, beet powder, mulberries, my homemade almond butter (let me know if you want the recipe!) and an oz of raisins and cacao nibs 🏅

Great post-workout fuel!

2. In a food processor (or blender but use only tiny bits of water to keep it tick), blend two medium bananas with 300 grams of frozen chopped spinach, a tablespoon of cacao, stevia, two teaspoons of chia sees, two sticks of celery, few cilantro leaves and a cup of strawberries 😍

Toppings I use: raw coconut flour, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries and mulberries.

3.Blend two/three small beets with any greens of your choice, one medium banana, a cup of frozen berries, a tablespoon of chia seeds (ideally, soaked over night or few hours before blending), two small dates (or stevia), a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg, a piece of ginger, a tea spoon of spirulina and a tablespoon of cacao.

4. The ultimate homemade acai-bowl: full of antioxidants, fiber, green power, iron and protein. 🌺🌷🌸 Most commercially sold  acai-bowls are loaded with added sugar which you can avoid by making it yourself – plus, it is a hella a lot cheaper! 😛

Method: you need a serving of freeze-dried acai (you can find it in most big stores), one medium beet, two teaspoons of soaked chia seeds, a bunch of kale, two #medjool dates, a tablespoon of cacao, a touch of spirulina and a dash of cayenne pepper (or a piece of ginger) for the warming and spicy kick. 😈

Blend it all together and arrange with your favorite toppings: I like to slice zucchini, sprinkle few hemp seeds, add more berries, goji and mulberries (if I have available), raw coconut flour (which makes the consistency much thicker) and nutmeg.😊

I blend it with tiny bits of water and squeezed lime juice but you can also use coconut water. If you like it even sweeter, you can use stevia and a touch of vanilla.
For the athletes – add a scoop of your favorite (plant-based) protein to enhance the amino acids content.

Hope you enjoy! 😇

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Going Bananas for banana smoothie bowls

Going Bananas for banana smoothie bowls


Welcome To Luna Voda Coaching

I love eating smoothie bowls because first of all they are SO TASTY and second – they are packed with nutrients and easy on the digestion. When you include bananas, they give your smoothie a thick consistency, flavour and, if you are looking for more satiety, caloric density.

The unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates in bananas make those meals a raw plant-powered fuel before or after your workouts!

Here are some quick suggestions, I hope you enjoy them too!

1Featured imageBase: Blend three-four cups of spinach, handful of chard, 2-3 frozen (ripe!) bananas and  a cup of blueberries. Toppings: Goji berries and Unsweetened Coconut flakes.

Featured imageBase: This consists of only frozen bananas, two small zucchini and a teaspoon of Spirulina powder.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae rich in vitamins, minerals and also protein!

SpirulinaBenefitsMore (optional) superfoods toppings: Maca Powder, Chia seeds, Goji berries

Featured imageBase: 2-3 frozen…

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