Why You Should Eat Smart, Not Less, To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

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Are you feeling frustrated with headlines that tell you: “Eat this, don`t eat that”…”do this, don`t do that”…”foods X are bad for you” …”foods Y are good for you”…etc…? Every year, there is a new trend: vegan, keto, paleo, low-carb, high-fat…you name it… Eating a certain way just because it`s popular is not going to […]

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The big 5-W of intuitive eating: Free Webinar

Learn how to practice mindful eating by learning how to be more intuitive with your hunger cues.

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How To Distance Yourself From Boredom Eating

Free webinar: How to Honor your Hunger Without Over-Eating

10 am PST/ 1pm EST
4/4/20 (Saturday)

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Recognize Your Hunger Cues (Step-By-Step Guide)

how to stop binging on pizza

Learn how to honor your hunger and understand your fullness cues (visual guidelines included)

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Build Unshakeable Confidence and Take Your Power Back: 12 Weeks Intensive

Get coached by me!
In this 90-day intensive program you will learn how to transform your life by building unstoppable confidence.

• Discover how to let go of all limiting beliefs and subconscious blockages around your body, food and love
• Learn how to reverse your self-talk into positive affirmations that make you fall in love with yourself, and your body
• Find out what foods take away of your energy and what foods give you energy, radiance and glow
• Create new habits and behaviors that promote self-love, confidence and a positive self-talk

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