How To Burn Fat By Resting:

How To Burn Fat By Resting:

Let’s talk about how to relax.

Why is this important? Among other fantastic benefits — when you are relaxed, you burn more fat.

When you’re stressed, you might do the opposite and hold the stubborn weight that doesn’t want to go away. According to case studies, when there is too much cortisol in our bodies (due to physiological or environmental stress), it often triggers fat accumulation.
While eating foods that are high in fiber, protein, and slow-releasing carbs can naturally increase our bodies’ ability to burn more fat, we can help the process significantly by merely slowing down.
When moving through life too fast, without taking enough breaks, we inevitably eat fast, which triggers a cortisol response, and diminishes our calorie-burning power.

Slowing down moves us from the fight-or-flight stress-state to the peaceful state of relaxation and inner calm.

Just by allowing yourself to relax more, you are likely to increase your metabolism and reach your fitness goals in a much more enjoyable way! 🙏🏼

Now it`s the perfect time to download my guide on chewing slowly: click here.

Not only that: the slower we eat, the faster we metabolize our food and the more sustained energy we have throughout the day.

The shortcut to turn off stress and activate a physiological relaxation response is conscious breathing. Conscious breathing simply means taking full deep breaths and holding them in for four counts before your exhale. Your nervous system will begin to calm down immediately.

You literally just have to breathe more deeply to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system. We have oxygen available to us 24/7, and it’s always available to use (thankfully!)

Here is an easy exercise you can try:

✔️ Write your top 3 stressors.
✔️Now create your top 3 relaxers.
✔️Ensure eating slowly and are chewing your food.
✔️One busier days, take some time to stretch, do gentle yoga, go for a walk, meditate, or take an Epsom salt bath/long shower.
✔️Initiate regular intimacy with someone you connect to on a deeper level.

Quality intimacy is, by far, one of the best stress relievers!

Regardless of what you choose to do – when in doubt, just take a break to breathe and relax.

dancer doing the splits
Sometimes the most productive thing you can DO is to do nothing at all, and recharge your batteries

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How To Shift Your Mindset

How To Shift Your Mindset

What We See VS What We Choose To See Are Two Different Dimensions Of The Reality We Create In Our Minds. 

A glass can be half full or half empty depending on our perception. A situation can uplift or downgrade our efforts depending on which outcome we focus our intention.

Believing in yourself is a process that requires patience and kind self-talk.

Our vision is a direct result of our inner state of “seeing” the world. When we focus on searching for the good in all circumstances, the good will appear. But first, it will test our patience. What we see in others is a reflection on our own behavior and personality traits.

Everyone poses some overt darkness. It is we when we invite the light that we can forgive those who have harmed us and peacefully detach from them. It is when we choose to seek love in us, that love responds and is reflected back on us.

What we attract is a mirror of our state of consciousness and empathy for the world and its injustices and pain.

When we feel compassion and acceptance – we attract compassion and acceptance back to us.


That applies to our body image. What you see in the mirror is a reflection of your inner state of being. If you feel confident and accepting of your shape – you will project it in your outer appearance.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of the semantics of this word, confidence is “the quality of being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, and the future.” That certainty that we can deal with everything that happens in our inner and outer hemisphere is symbolized by our embodied language. When we emulate trust, acceptance, and love for ourselves and the people around is, it is effortlessly radiating through our physical appearance. 

On the other hand, when we are stressed, anxious or scornful – our posture tends to hunch down, our face gets tense, our stomach feels tight and our hormones easily go out of whack. One of the most significant boosts of confidence is physical exercise, combined with positive self-talk, meditation and an alkaline diet. You cannot only heal your mind, without taking care of your body too.

Shifting your mindset towards the creation of a positive relationship with yourself is an ever-changing journey that often stumbles upon challenges that will test your will-power.

It requires patience, compassion for the struggle that comes with it, and a strong desire to change. And it first begins in your p e r c e p t I o n…

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3 Easy Ways To Uplift Your Spirit And Feel More Supported

3 Easy Ways To Uplift Your Spirit And Feel More Supported
The Universe always has our back, even when we don’t see it. What we don’t know, yet, gets revealed to us, but only when we are not shadowing the signs we invite to receive.
The Universe holds us accountable for our choices as it mitigates their consequences: every move we make either deteriorates or move us closer to our soul’s purpose on this earth. And we don`t know if we are moving toward the right direction until we are taking action and speeding in momentum. Without regrets or holding on to our comfort zone.
Looking back, there is no Past. Just a distant memory we are transcending into the present day. And is up to us to create memory lines that frame our growth and prepare us to seize the very moment that exists in our heart of mind.

Use these strategies to uplift your spirit when you need to feel more support/ed.

Spend loving time alone where you can reflect on your challenges and create a strategy on how to move forward. For example: if you feel stuck in a situation that doesn’t seem to be resolving on its own – let go of trying to control it and shift your focus on other projects and activities that bring you fulfillment and destress your mind.

Do yogic sequences that strengthen the spine and stretch the back muscles. The mind&body connection is so vital when we are losing alignment with our inner sense of security and support. Bringing your awareness to your spinal column creates a physical sense of empowerment and grounding into your power center (learn more about the chakras here.) I also suggest moving in and out of warrior and child’s poses to ground, detoxify and connect you to the earth. 

Sip more tea. Yes, the simple routine of drinking tea when we feel stressed is proved to calm the nervous system and clear our minds. As you sip your tea, I recommend you spending five-ten minutes alone listening to meditation music and writing affirmations in your journal, such as: I am supported. I am calm and confident in my power. I have a strong body and a strong spirit. I have the ability to conquer my challenges. All is well in my world. I am safe and supported. 

Writing and repeating affirmations is a very very powerful way to create more happy hormones in your body (thus decreasing stress) as well as to teach your subconscious mind the kind of beliefs you want to have about yourself. Writing them down creates a better connection between the cerebral neocortex and your physical self-awareness.

Exercise, in combination with mental work and a healthy eating regimen, facilities the process of generating more trust and confidence in our power to be strong and self-reliant. 

Credit: Aaron Robbins Photography

If you would like to read further check out those two articles: how to curate your happiness rituals and how to preserve your positive experiences.

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Unleash Your Creativity In Three Steps

Unleash Your Creativity In Three Steps

I genuinely applaud you if you’re the kind of person that never faces self-doubt. 

However, statistics show that most creative souls experience an immense amount of self-doubt and creativity blockages.

In reality, creativity is an ever-flowing source of inspiration.

it is when we COMPLETELY let go of the inhibition to be creative when we can unleash our already inbred creative power.  

Below are my three pillars of tuning in to creativity – the creativity we all humans have inside us, regardless of our “left”/“right”-side of the brain predispositions.


We express our creative talents differently. Some of us like to play an instrument, to sing, to paint, to cook, to write poetry, to take photos…

Once we find it, we must connect to it and recognize it as our source of intrinsic and omnipresent passion.

When we are passionate about our creative mark, inspiration follows us everywhere we go. 

We begin to “breathe” our art, to exhale creativity and tune in with its medium of expression.


The opposite of passion is stagnation.

And stagnation stems from fear: fear of not being good enough, creative enough, skillful enough, experienced enough, worthy-of-calling-yourself-an-artist enough. 

And that’s why so many people live their lives in regrets for not following up on their childhood passion to play the piano, be a painter, learn how to sing, take more dance classes, etc.

There is this stereotype that if one hasn’t been working on their gift from an early age they are doomed to abandon their needs for creativity and wait for another lifetime to pursue them.

And that’s, in short, the shame of following up on an idea what creativity is, without honoring your unique life situation.

Whether you have been an artist all of your life, or you suddenly wake up one day in your 40s, with the desire to sing/paint/play an instrument/etc, honor that need.


When you find what makes you feel joyous and creative, you have to begin showing up for it and set time in your life to just do it.

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Get Back Your Power!

Get Back Your Power!

We, human beings, have the precious gift to GROW from any challenge.

To either let the obstacles burn our passion, or ignite our strength.

To make us stronger and eager to move on.

And as phoenixes, to transpose our ashes to gold. 

*To make peace with the past
*To forgive and detach

*To owe our mistakes

*To admit we have failed

*To send love to our wound

*To allow healing to bloom

*To be bold to take action

*To monitor our reactions

*To peacefully let go of what we don’t want in our day

*To trust something better is coming our way

*To take responsibility to come back on track

*And, determinedly, take our POWER back!

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Coping With Challenges: In 3 Strategic Steps

Coping With Challenges: In 3 Strategic Steps

Challenges are, no tautology intended, challenging and always require a direct investment of mental courage and cheering self-talk.

When we perceive difficulties as welcomed transitions to something inherently better, we adopt a more peaceful and determined mindset that we can deal with everything that Life sends our way: both positive and negative. 

In fact, very often that which we have perceived as negative gifts us with a precious opportunity to learn a new skill, experience a new sensation and grow as human beings.


The steps I follow when I am dealing with any transition/challenge are the following:

1) Search for signs; 2) Show up for the assignment; 3) Understand the lesson.

I. Searching For Signs 

Signs are sneaky to catch and quite often blurry. To dismantle their euphemistic nature, we have to spend time in silence decipher their rooted meaning in meditation. Our gut and intuition are impeccable in their advice but, in order to understand it, we need to detach our ego-mind from interfering with the message that we are receiving.

And that only happens if we don’t maneuver the interpretation of the sign towards the direction we (think*) want. Because our intuition would often tell us to do the opposite of what our comfort level is.

II. Showing Up For The Assignment 

That one is very individual depending on our current situation and life circumstance: can be anything from ending/reshifting relationships; moving to a new job/location; going back to school/or leaving it altogether; transitioning to a new career path, etc.

But it has to be done in order for us to experience whatever it is that our heart truly wants.

III. Understand The Lesson 

Understanding the lesson can only happen after we have learned it, and there is no shortcut to learning without showing up for the practice.

As Charles Bukowski said: What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

In that context, we can’t learn how to walk through any challenges unless we take action and experience the lesson.

***** ⤵️

To Recap: 

I. Our meditation practice shows us how to interpret the sign(s).

II. Showing up for the knowledge we gather is our initiation to the lesson we must learn.

III. Experiencing going through the passage discloses the purpose of the lesson and its significance for our growth.



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The Importance of “Preserving” Positive Feelings

The Importance of “Preserving” Positive Feelings


I personally love traveling to places that rejuvenate my body and revitalize my spirit with inspiration, wanderlust, and zest for pursuing my goals and dreams. And what better time for such an expedition to exploration than the end of summer?

In a way, I perceive the fall season as the beginning of the year. And it is such, for all of us that are students (in an academic institution, or in life). I look at the falling leaves and reminisce about everything that has fallen from me in the past four seasons: fears, judgment, limitations…all of those tiny tricksters that snatch our motivation and recycle it into hopelessness and lack of motivation.

In his book Hardwiring Happiness (which I recommend!*), the author Rick Hanson speaks about the neurological pathways that either impede or enhance our sense of contentment, calm and confidence. A practice he mentions, that stood out for me, is consciously remembering in details the memories, events or feelings that made us feel our best. And to rehearse the chosen moment in our mind until it paves a cognitive canal that can, later on, lead us to emotional salvation when we are feeling sad, unmotivated or discouraged.

For example, imagine the event (or place) in the last six months that made you feel your happiest.

For me, that was being at the Black Sea and swimming in the azure waters while soaking up the sun, eating gooey figs, writing in my journal and listening to the sound of the waves.

Whatever your chosen memory is: close your eyes and track back every moment as vividly as you can. Remember to not only relive it in your mind to also to feel it: paying close attention to the emotions that were produced by that experience… The joy. The laughter. The experience itself. The company you were with.  Whatever it is for you. Then, take a few minutes to reflect how those depicters made you feel. And, most importantly, why? 

I suggest you either do this exercise mentally or, even better, take a journal and free-write. Choose a time in space that made you feel extraordinary and observe closely your thoughts and feelings. Your mind, heart, and body know best why you felt so liberated and happy experiencing those emotions in that particular moment.

The purpose of this practice, as Hanson suggests, is to provide us with mental tools to recreate the palette of positive emotions that already exist in our memory so that we can adhere to their vibrational content to color our current canvass with the same positivity and excitement for life.

I am curious to hear about your happiest memories from last year. If you are willing to share, let`s create a discussion!

Leave your comments below and share this practice with your friends.

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*If you follow my posts, you might remember I recently mentioned his work in this post here.



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