You Are Responsible For Your Emotions (And here is WHY)

You Are Responsible For Your Emotions (And here is WHY)

By changing your emotions, you change your experience. How? By aligning your thoughts to match your desired feelings.

You Can Master Your Emotions.

When you think self-degrading thoughts of judgment, shame, and scarcity, you produce their emotional equivalent of feeling miserable, desperate, and unloved.

The opposite is TRUE, as well.

When you think empowering thoughts of appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, and generosity, you recreate the reciprocal feelings of joy, kindness, and universal love.

What you see (in the mirror) is what you get. 

🔺When you see yourself with the eyes of acceptance and love, you act as your own best friend. 
🔺The results are immediate. You move from a place of judgment to a place of confidence and courage. 
🔻No, occasional negative thoughts don’t mean that you don’t love yourself. 
🔻It’s how you handle them that creates your overall EXPERIENCE (and results!)

What you see in the mirror is who you are on the inside.

  • Your programming creates your IDENTITY.
  • Your identity creates your BELIEFS.
  • Your beliefs create your DECISIONS
  • Your decisions create your ACTIONS
  • Your actions constitute your BEHAVIOR
  • Your behavior shapes your habits
  • Your habits, actions and behavior create your results.
  • Every aspect of our wellbeing is interconnected. How we do one thing is how we do everything!

If you dread letting one more year/month and day pass by without feeling as your most empowered, confident and self-assured self, now it’s the perfect time to schedule an orientation call with me and learn what`s stopping you from achieving the life of your heart`s deepest desires.

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My Transformation Story

My Transformation Story

Time to share my own transformation.

Let me begin by stating that it doesn’t come easy to share something so personal publicly but at the same time I am dedicated to be completely transparent about my own journey, and my former struggles, and to offer as much guidance as I can through my blog and coaching services (although, as a disclaimer, none of what I share with your based on my own experience should be used as a substitute to a medical advice). In addition, the mission of my platform is to show that vulnerability is the first step to healing. When we begin to perceive our low points with more compassion, and less shame, we then realize that eating disorders/body dysmorphia/ binge eating/alcoholism, imbalanced hormones, low (or extreme) libido and severe stress are just a symptom of a deeper issue…. a lack of self-love, safety and life purpose.

I strongly believe that social media can be a powerful tool for bringing more social awareness about the significant amount of young people battling eating disorders, depression and addictions. I was one of them!

 And I am a success story! 

We are never victims of our circumstances. 

We are warriors who need the extra push and courage to show up for ourselves and win our battle. 

Eating disorder and depression recovery
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Long story short, during puberty (around my parents’ divorce) I developed body dysmorphia and disordered eating that soon escalated to depression, very low confidence, skin issues, loss of my menstrual cycle (for three years), lack of sexual drive, fear of commitment, ongoing feelings of unworthiness and “not being enough”, constant excuses not to follow my dreams, an overall dragging sense of being a victim of my past. It took me more than ten years to reach a bottom level of exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and self-fulfilled prophecies that I wasn’t worthy of love, success and happiness. While, during this whole time, still wearing the facade of “I am fine” and “I am too self-conscious to talk about it.”


The Universe Always Has Your Back….turn around and you will see it:)

Five years ago I was first exposed to the healing properties of journaling, mindful eating, dance therapy and meditation. And my whole life transformed. I started to let go of all limiting beliefs about myself, and my body. To realize that we, in fact, are not our bodies! We are all beautiful souls equally worthy and capable of attracting love, happiness and success…. just by being authentic, practicing self-love and compassion to other beings, feeding our cells with proper nutrition and distressing our mind with meditation. Recent studies in neuroscience clearly show that our mind is constantly creating entirely new pathways… You can always change your beliefs, rewrite your story, and let go of the past! Took me a couple of years to fearlessly dive within, to develop my own practice, and to confidently step in the shoes of a health, life and meditation coach. And now I am so grateful for all of those past experiences. They were a blessing which helped me see the light!

I am here to be your guide… and to show you that it can be done! You can transform your life!!!❤️

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail, or to schedule a free complimentary consultation.

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With Love and Care,


How To Deal With Criticism And Avoid Judgment

How To Deal With Criticism And Avoid Judgment

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Those words of eternal wisdom are credited to Aristotle who spent his lifetime pondering upon the variables that can create a better structure for a thriving society. One of the postulates for a harmonious life, according to his teachings, is one`s conscious liberation from dependence on other people’ thoughts and opinions.

Criticism and judgment are usually co-dependent. When we get criticized we tend to judge back and get defensive. Conversely, when criticizing others (in a non-constructive manner) we project our own inner judgment and insecurities. 

We are going to receive criticism no matter what we do, or not do.

The only leverage we have to disallow it to affect us is our own self-perception. The way we see ourselves is mediated through the energy we project to others. If we have healthy self-esteem and empathy for the people who don’t agree with us this gets emanated through our body language and poise.  But if we lack the confidence to stand up for our choices and decisions we start to become fickle and too prone for self-doubt and uncertainty.  Ironically, when we meet criticism with defensiveness and reciprocal judgment we are mirroring the same energetic frequency we are trying to avoid.

Ultimately, it is our ego that simulates the fear of separation from the collective consciousness. Therefore, what you think of yourself is vibrating in the energy you project to others. If you are confident in your skin and firm in your actions you start to attract more people who support you on your path than those who don`t.  Others` judgment and criticism is a reflection of their own struggles and insecurities. Judgment in itself clouds compassion (for ourselves and for others) and creates a false separation between the ego and the compassion of our heart center.


We often judge what we don’t understand.
We often judge those who have judged us for judging them.
We often judge ourselves for holding judgments around our insecurities.
We often judge situations that test our patience.
We often judge those who are exactly like us.

We can’t stop judgment from entering our minds but we can monitor and align it to a place of understanding, tolerance, and respect for the others` point of view. Even in the situations where their opinion is exhibited through a lens of harsh criticism or unjustified scorn and denigration. Because it has nothing to do with us. *Unless it is well-meant advice constructively pointing to areas of our life that we can/and should improve.  

Knowing your truth and purpose will not prevent criticism from coming, but will shield you from absorbing it. Living life from a place of love and harmony creates the space we all need to honor our truth and not judge back those who don’t share it.




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