Why Most People Gain Weight Despite Eating “Healthy”

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Have you ever talked to someone who adamantly assures you they eat healthily but seem not to shed off the stubborn weight despite eating “healthy”?

There are two main reasons why this might be happening.

One is confirmation bias (when a person unconsciously omits half of the foods they eat to avoid feeling inadequate about their choices), and the other one is a genuine lack of information about what foods are healthy or not.

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So what’s the solution?

The solution to permanent weight-reduction is to figure out what causes you to stress-eat/over-indulge in sugary or processed foods, how to recognize and prevent sabotage, what and when to eat for your body type, age, activity level, and dietary preferences and, most importantly, how to use food to nurture yourself, and not to punish your body.

If you eat foods that are pro-inflammatory and wrack your leptin levels, you`d keep gaining weight no matter how much you control or restrict your portions.

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I know it’s difficult to swap away from diet culture and shut down the noise of perpetual new eating trends that only leave you feeling confused and doubtful of your intuition.

It took me close to a decade of research to learn what I know today, and I am here to help.

Do you want to say No to the vicious cycle of restriction & binding and Yes to the kind of nourishment that improves your energy, gives your skin a healthy glow, improves your immunity and sleep and keeps you feeling confident from within!?

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