Why Information Is Not Enough To Shed Weight & Keep It OFF

If INFORMATION was enough to shed weight, AND keep it off, everyone would be attaining their ideal weight after reading a blogpost or restricting portion sizes for a few weeks.

In reality, America is the leading nation of obesity, heart disease and pre-diabetes conditions caused by excessive sugar consumption and heightened levels of chronic stress.

No, information is NOT enough.

The last client I worked with shed 25 pounds in six months and released all the excess weight that was causing her to feel tired, moody, stressed, and addicted to sugary desserts.
She was successful because she discovered what foods worked for her and what was the emotional reason causing her to over-eat or crave desserts every day.

If she can do it, you can do it too.

What She Says:

Dear Ana-Maria,
I have come a long way with you.  When we started, I was afraid of food because of my food allergies.  I was carrying too much weight.  I was often confused about so many things.  I was afraid to speak up for myself because I thought I would alienate my friends.  I often procrastinated and “over thought” set up requirements or results.  With your help and guidance, all if this has changed.

To lose weight, and keep it off, you need to get to the root of the behavior that causes you to gain weight. And this is where I step in to guide you and help you change your habits in a sustainable and positive manner.
You will soon start to eat differently without having to remember to eat differently.
In my work, I help my clients to create a CHANGE that LASTS by changing their old habits and creating new, empowering ones.


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If you`re tired of losing weight and gaining it BACK, plus some – I am here to help you PREVENT that, and attain your ideal weight without depriving yourself and feeling miserable.

In this program I don`t tell you what NOT to eat. I help you discover what foods are optimal for your health and how to change your relationship to food in general.

You will feel more confident, more energized and more connected to yourself.

Food will never have power over you again.
You will take your power back.

Ana-Maria Georgieva
Certified Health & Life Coach

You can do this! You can attain your ideal weight and build unshakeable confidence. Let me help!
Let’s Talk!

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