“What does a Coach do?” You May Ask: Read Here!:)

A coach is a person who is both a friend and a mentor.

A coach genuinely cares for you and does everything in her power to bring you the results you desire.

A coach is committed to helping you be the best you CAN be, and to teach you how even when you don`t believe it (yet!).

A coach will soothe and compliment you but will also challenge you and keep you accountable.

A coach is a habit facilitator whose job is to help you adopt health-promoting habits and teach you how to quit the health-impeding ones.

A coach utilizes high levels of empathy and understanding because, often, they have already been in your place! And they know how it feels!

A coach is not someone who is “perfect.” In fact, they teach you how to love yourself unconditionally: by embracing both your gifts and strengths, as well as your flaws and imperfections.

A coach is someone who has a natural ability to connect to her clients and establish deep trust and space for vulnerability.

A coach is a versatile wizard with deep knowledge and imagery that she uses to break down complex material into easy-to-comprehend and *practical* advice.

A coach is someone who has the ability to teach you new things by igniting your enthusiasm and excitement for learning.

A coach is dedicated to reminding her clients that they are already powerful and confident. And to help them see it too.

A coach doesn`t always teach you something new, but they always remind you what you need to do at just the right moment, just when you feel like giving up.

A coach is someone very dedicated to her work and is always there for you to make you feel supported, encouraged and proud of your progress.

In my belief, everyone can benefit from a coach because it is easy to know what you need to do to get from point “A” to “Z” but it is way more challenging to actually DO it…and stick to it, until it becomes your reality.:)

I really hope you feel ready and inspired to get hold of your life and create your most ideal future!


~ Ana-Maria

health coaching
I am a health&life coach trained by The Health Coach Institute

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