10 Reasons Why Investing In Yourself PAYS BACK MULTIPLIED

Being healthy (physically, emotionally and mentally) and exercising regularly is not a bonus, it’s a necessity.⁣

You know it, and I know It. Knowledge doesn’t create change. You create it. ⁣

If it’s your Priority To Be Healthy (physically, emotionally and mentally), you can make it happen.⁣

Don’t know where to start? With so many coaches and resources out there, not improving your life is a choice.

10 Reasons Why Investing In Yourself Pays Back Multiplied

1. Health IS Wealth

When you have great health, you save thousands of dollars from future doctor appointments/health related surgeries, very expensive supplements/pills, taking sick days off work, injuring yourself because of weakened joints, loss of libido, getting a divorce (because you are constantly cranky/or don`t want to be intimate with your partner), etc…

Calculate how much money it would cost you to lose your job if your energy is not there and you can`t focus on the tasks at hand….

2. The more you LEARN, the more you EARN

The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you are to the marketplace.

Want to get back in shape, change careers, feel confident again or even start your own business?

First, you have to address the limiting beliefs you might be carrying about your self-worth and desirability of success

3. You save money from cosmetic surgeries, hormonal therapy and expensive fillers

Skin care is important as long as you don`t use it as a concealer of underlying hormonal issues.

What you eat shows on your skin.

4. You feel confident in yourself and your body!

When you look good, you feel good! And vice versa…:-)

5. You learn how to build resilience and discipline

Nothing beats the feeling of being in charge of your life: physically, emotionally and financially!

6. Understanding what holds you back gives you the tools to change it

You can`t see the full picture if you are standing in the frame!

Need help? Let Me Help!

7. Learning how to eat for your body-type pays backs multiplied

You will never have to waste money again on diet pills/”slimming” corsets, fad diets/weight-loss shakes, etc…

In the bigger scheme of things, It is way more affordable to hire a coach/or a trainer, and learn how to eat and train once and for all, as oppose to keep paying for products and gimmicks that simply don`t work and leave you feeling demotivated!

8. Having a Life Purpose improves your love life

When you feel good about yourself, and your self-worth, you project it outwardly (in all areas).

Confidence is sexy!

9. When you eat right, you have a naturally fresh and healthy scent

What you eat gets absorbed through your skin and affects the way you smell! In all areas.;)

10. You are a positive example to your friends/partner/children/co-workers/family members

Self-care is not selfish and is very inspiring to those around you!

Don`t believe it yet? Read these testimonials

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⁣If you’re on a crossroads, trying to figure out a way out of a job you despise, go back to your childhood memories and start recollecting the sensations you felt when you’re doing the activities you loved… the things that made your heart sing and you were naturally gifted at.⁣ ⁣ Some of my clients decided to work with me because they want to change their career paths.⁣ ⁣ Life is to short to wake up dreading to deal with your daily tasks. Losing yourself is not worth the steady paycheck. ⁣ ⁣ You can earn money doing what you love!⁣ ⁣ Life is supposed to feel good and to give you Energy. Don’t fall for the myth that success comes with misery. It’s the opposite, in fact. ⁣ ⁣ You know what they say… ⁣ ⁣ …. if you turn your passion into a career, you will never have to work a day in your life.⁣ ⁣ With today’s advancements in technology and automation of labor, staying stuck in a profession that you don’t want to is a waste of your potential…⁣ ⁣ Ask yourself, what would you have done differently if you didn’t follow the status quo and followed your heart instead?⁣ ⁣ If you are strategic about it and take calculated risks, you can have a career that is both profitable and in alignment with your values and world views.⁣ ⁣ You deserve it. ⁣ ⁣ Don’t waste your days not loving your life.⁣ ⁣ Ana-Maria⁣ ⁣ lunavoda.com/lifepurpose ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #bulgariaofficial #bulgarianblogger #discoverbulgaria #lifepurposecoach #lifepurpose #lifepurposecoaching #lifecoachtips #successsecrets #successdiaries #successstories #sozopololdtown #sozopolbulgaria

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Products I Use and Recommend (Honest Review)

If you`re like me, you like convenience.

I value my time and prefer to spend more time working on my business than grocery shopping.

For that reason I use the “save & subscribe” option from Amazon and automate the deliveries.

I get asked a lot what products do I use and recommend, and so I compiled some of them here for easy access.

Click on the photos to be redirected.

My fav journal!

Workout With Me At Home

workout at home

2 new workouts every week delivered privately to your email!

Are you tired of doing the same workout day after day that feels tedious, boring, and you just DON`T WANT TO DO anymore?

I feel you and I hear you, and this why I created my formats.

Join my free trial (7 Days )

I`ve been teaching classes for ten years and I absolutely love it.

My workouts are fun, effective, and never boring…

You don`t have to take my word for it.

Scroll down to read testimonials from real people…. who are just like you! 

If you join today, you will immediately start improving your physical health in a new way… in a private environment where all levels are welcome… and I am bringing my TOP favorite moves each week to give you the most optimal results in the shortest amount of time!

The average length of each class is only 35-45 minutes and it includes a full body sculpt incorporating cardio, toning, and flexibility…

Your Perfect Solution If You Are Busy!

You will feel a difference in your flexibility and coordination within a week of practicing my workouts.

Get your workout in without wasting time in commute or worrying about sweating in public!

You can stay in shape without spending hours at the gym or paying extra for fancy equipment…

The only props I use are a kitchen chair, resistance band, small exercise ball, and your own body-weight

exercise ball from Luna Voda coaching
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home workouts with resistance band

All classes get renewed every seven days.

This means you will never have to deal with the repetitive boring workouts ever again.

I stream three new classes each week and you can take stream each class as many times as you want.

You will never hit a plateau again!

Start your 7-day trial Today

I’ve trained hundreds of women (and a handful of men), and I am SO looking forward to working out with you and helping you to feel more energized and strong.

Click here to enroll and get your 3 FREE classes

You Receive:

Get Limber & Graceful At Home (Say GOODBYE to Stiffness)

Dance Cardio + Toning (Say HELLO to ENERGY RELEASE)

Barre Class At Home (With Chair) (Elongate your limbs and tone the core)

Join my free trial (3 free classes)

What People Say:

Join my free trial (3 free classes)

Join my free trial (3 free classes)

Leave a review here.


I am looking forward to working out together!:)

Join my free trial here

Workout with your partner!

Start streaming TODAY!

Do You Want to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose Without Having to WAIT Until You Are Old?

Do you want to discover your true purpose in life… and no longer have the dreading feeling that something key is missing from your life?

Do you want to feel rich, not just financially, but also emotionally, physically, and spiritually?

Do you want to make up excited for the day ahead; full of energy and motivation?

Do you want to find deep contentment in your life that keeps you feeling young?

Watch this testimonial.

If you have kids or plan to have kids, think about the kind of example you want to give them.

Do you want to be the kind of parent who only worked for money and ignored your inner calling?

Or do you want to be the kind of parent who had a purpose in life?

Children tend to copy their parents.

Be the kind of role model you wish you had as a child.

The Time To Rediscover Your Life Purpose Is Now!

No salary ever pays enough for us to leave our dreams behind

Tama Kieves

This program is designed for busy professionals who want MORE from their current lives and recognize the value of investing in a program that offers on-going support & accountability for success that is centered around their busy schedule.

The significant difference between customized coaching versus template coaching is the level of curated information my clients receive so they can sustain their motivation to change their habits without losing motivation or getting scattered.

Most of the progress is achieved DURING the coaching session so you can continue to level up without feeling overwhelmed.

Note. This is my most advanced program and it includes one-one-one coaching on identity level to help you discover the joy of fulfillment money alone doesn’t bring.

If you are not in position to invest the time and resources into working with a coach full time, this program is NOT the best fit for you.

If you are committed to reinventing yourself and your life, this program is going to accelerate you forward.

In our work together, my clients soon begin to experience the fulfillment that comes from living a life of deeper meaning, self-actualization, high energy, confidence, and purpose.

In our work together, my client rebuilt her confidence, improved her communication skills and found the path to her dream job!

When you join this program, a result you can expect is a complete transformation that sweeps through all five most-important areas in your life: health, money, career/calling, love, your relationship to that which is Greater.

This program is for you to create a PROFOUND transformation versus incremental changes that give you short-lived results.

Slide to compare

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Steve Jobs

Everyone needs accountability and support.

And you need the kind right of support that stretches your thinking of what seems possible, shows you what needs to be done to transform your fears and doubts, and helps you create the action steps you need to take to change your life forever.

My clients have shared with me that being in my “Rediscover Your Life Purpose” program have helped them to:

  • Find their dream job
  • Increase their energy
  • Double their income
  • Strengthen their interpersonal relationships
  • Create space for self-care
  • Deepen their spiritual practice
  • Experience stronger confidence
  • Feel more joy and inner peace
  • Shed extra weight by lowering their stress
  • Get in the best shape of their life
  • Release limiting beliefs and ingrained fears
  • Release fear & self-doubt
  • Understand and prevent self-sabotage
  • Build more discipline and unstoppable motivation
  • Emanate self-acceptance, inner peace and positivity
  • Reach beyond what seemed possible and create the lives they love

How to know if you are ready?

This program is for you if the level of enthusiasm you feel to improve your life is stronger than the fear of changing.

When you take care of yourself first, you can give more generously to others without draining your energy and resenting your current environment.

When you wake up fullfiled and excited to live your life purpose, the entire world benefits from your choices.

Your friends, family, and co-workers deserve to interact with The Best Version of You as much as you deserve to be surrounded by people who understand and support your goals.

In order for change to occur in your life, change first has to happen in you.

You are the creator of your life experiences, and you get to experience anything that you want.

To achieve what you want, you need the right support and the right structure that is built to stretch you outside of your comfort zone and to support you in every step of your journey towards unstoppable success.

Structure creates discipline and discipline gives you freedom: the freedom to release what doesn`t longer serve you and to create the life that brings you purpose, confidence, and fullfilment.

What to do next?

My life purpose is teaching people how to find their life purpose.

~ Ana-Maria
Recent Testimony

Rating: 5 out of 5.
I have been working with Ana-Maria for over a year now and I have accomplished things I never thought possible. She was by my side in the toughest time in my life so far and she always knew how to get me motivated to stay on track of achieving my goals.
She intuitively knew when to push me hard and when to cut me some slack. Bottom line is that with her help I feel like a new person and I jave a clear vision for my life and I know that she will guide me along the way in the best way possible. (P. S.)

It`s all about waking up. At some point, you wake up and realize that your life is half over and brimming with the things that are your responsibilities – not the things that gave it MEANING.


Rise In Love With Yourself: Create Space For Love By Learning How to Love and Accept Yourself Unconditionally

No one can love you the way YOU deserve if you don’t know how to LOVE yourself and HOW to communicate your needs clearly within your relationship.

When I created the program Rise In Love With Yourself in 2019, I was single. I did it mostly because I wanted to heal my own commitment issues and create space for a committed relationship centered around trust, mutual support, and shared values.

And then the results got so tangible with clients that I decided to keep it as a framework for self-healing and attracting healthy relationships – personally, professionally, and romantically 🙂

Do you crave love but at the same feel terrified of being hurt (again)?

Do you shield your heart and close off for romance despite your desire to be in a committed relationship?

Watch this video to learn how to dissolve LOVE blockages

When you first learn how to love and accept yourself and how to maintain a loving relationship with YOUR own heart.

No one can love you the way YOU deserve if you don’t know how to LOVE yourself and HOW to communicate your needs clearly within your relationship.

Before you START dating, you have to make sure your heart is OPEN and READY for love!

7 signs you are rising in love with the ‘right’ person for you

1. You can spend hours with each other and never feel bored. Your conversations flow freely and enrich your consciousness.
2. You discover peculiar coincidences in your present and former experiences. You feel like you’ve known each other forever.
3. You both feel a magnetic force that goes beyond chemistry. You feel a strong connection between your physical and spiritual energies, and you maintain it beyond the initial phase of attraction. 
4. You have strong commonalities and shared values and balance each other in other areas. You make a great team!
5. You have a shared or similar sense of purpose and push each other to grow and evolve as individuals and as a couple.
6. You feel safe to express your opinions and needs openly and without reservations. You understand each other on a soul level.
7. You have developed a telepathic bond and can feel each other’s energies, thoughts and emotions.

Do You Want To Learn How To Create Space For Romantic Love By Learning How To Love And Accept Yourself Unconditionally?

I can help!

Schedule a discovery call with me here.

When we are feeling desperate or insecure in ourselves, we repel love.

When we feel whole and complete, we attract love effortlessly because we feel worthy and deserving of being loved.

Have you lost hope if you could even find the perfect partner for yourself?

Have you ever been disappointed and left wondering if the “right” partner (for you) actually exists?

Have you ever ended a relationship to avoid the depths of intimacy and vulnerability?

Have you ever given your entire attention and devotion to someone who doesn`t reciprocate your affection and respect the way you deserve?

Have you ever felt as if there is something “wrong” with you for not being able to attract a high-value partner who mirrors your levels of commitment, attention, love, and affection?

Questions to consider:

  • How would you rate your satisfaction with your love life right now from 1-10 (10 is best)?
  • If less than a 10, what action steps can you take to start improving it?
  • If you are not feeling LIGHT in your heart, what’s the impact of being stuck in the current situation?
  • What’s the cost to you of staying in the same place and not achieving what you really want? Emotionally, physically, or mentally?
  • If you are single, how much time do you invest working on YOURSELF so you can attract a high-value partner who matches your value?
  • What, if anything, might be standing in the way of your happiness?
  • What positive support do you currently have to help you attract the love of your life or improve your current relationship (s)?
  • How much self-care do you practice in your life right now so you can feel healthy in your body and mind?
  • How confident do you feel in setting healthy boundaries and expressing your needs and emotions CLEARLY and with kindness?

The missing puzzle you might have been looking for is called self-love.

Nobody can love us the way we deserve if we don`t love and accept ourselves first.

Love comes from ourselves first. No one can love you unconditionally if you don’t love and accept yourself first.

Self-respect is key.

Life is too short to fear being in love. Our heart wants what it wants: to give and receive love effortlessly.

And we don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to experience love. Love is everywhere around us and gets multiplied when we give it graciously: without holding back.

What we receive from others is a mirror of our relationship to our own hearts and bodies.

Our energy enters the room before we even start talking.

To attract a high-value partner, you must embody the qualities of this high-value partner yourself.

When we bring love with us, wherever we go, love follows us in return.

~ Love is our divine birth right, and there is plenty of love for all of us.

With love and care,


Ready to break away from the vicious cycle and heal your heart so you can attract and keep love?

Schedule a consultation with me HERE to receive laser coaching around your problem and receive action steps and guidance what to do next.

Read more testimonials here

Ready to rise in love with yourself?

Let’s Talk!

Reset Your Taste Buds With The 14-day cleanse protocol + 2 Coaching Calls and On-going Support

Do you want to double your energy, reset your digestion, and look and feel more youthful?

Many of my clients do and this is why I created this program.

In this post, I will first help you decide whether or doing this introductory 14-day program will benefit you.

So why do some people need a cleanse?

Your body is designed to be self-cleaning and to excrete toxins on its own, but here’s the problem….

  • It can’t always handle the toxic overload present in today’s environment. 
  • Chemicals not excreted accumulate in our fat cells and cell membranes become internal toxins. 

It’s time for you to cleanse if you answer “YES” to any of these questions:

  • You get bloated after eating
  • You spend a lot of money on skin care and facials to get the “glow” you want
  • You tend to gain weight easily, especially in your belly
  • You have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise  
  • You have headaches more than occasionally 
  • You frequently belch or feel gassy or gurgling in your belly 
  • You tend to feel lethargic during the day
  • You have cravings for sugary or starchy foods  
  • You experience mood swings or anxiety 
  • You have difficulty focusing or experience foggy brain 
  • You feel alienated from your physical wisdom
  • You find it challenging to eat intuitively
  • You experience pain, muscle soreness, or stiffness in your joints
  • You feel addicted to habits that you know aren’t good for you… and yet you can’t stop
  • You feel anxious, nervous, or downright cranky

What does a 14-day cleanse do exactly?

A cleanse is a gentle way of clearing excess toxins from the body so it can operate at its highest potential. 

Think of this reset as something that delivers an all access pass to boundless reserves of energy that you didn’t know you had! 

To help you decide: check out these free recipes:

 I feel so great. My skin is glowing…I feel happy, energized and confident. I eat anti-inflammatory and anti-aging foods, and I feel and I look younger.

~ A testimony from a coaching client
You’ll find that every part of your body works better simply by “switching on” your metabolism through cleansing.
A healthy gut results in healthy looking skin and less cravings for sugar and processed foods.

The protocol you receive includes step-by-step instructions what to eat during the reset and what foods to avoid during the cleanse. You will also receive bonus smoothie recipes for glowing skin created by me.

During the coaching calls, you will also learn the basic principles of mindful eating and pave the foundation of new healthy habits.

In addition to the nutritional plan, you will receive bonus recipes that I have created for my one-on-one clients.
You will also get access to me via email and text messages throughout the entire program. This is a huge advantage!
As an even greater bonus, you receive two coaching calls (30 minutes each) with me so I can help you stay on track, provide guidance, coach you on mindful eating, keep you motivated and set you up for success!

Results you can expect:

  • Improved digestion
  • Clearer skin
  • More youthful appearance
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Motivation to stay healthy
  • Development of healthy habits that energize you 
  • Better understanding of nutrition
  • Better mood and better concentration
  • Higher endurance for exercise

Ready to improve your digestion? Scroll down to download the program.

 What do I get from the program?

You receive a detailed, step-by-step 14-Day Cleanse nutrition plan, complete with cleansing menus and recipes, two coaching calls with a certified health coach, two guided meditations, two sets of customized affirmations for consistent motivation, and daily support via text messages and email.

Please note that…

Unlike most programs on the Internet where you download a PDF and are left to your own devices, in this program you receive daily support and accountability via weekly check-ins and daily text/and email support directly with me.

Your success is promised!

Send an email to coaching@lunavoda.com to learn more how to start!

Read what my clients about me here: testimonials.

~ Ana-Maria

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dear Ana-Maria,
I have come a long way with you.  When we started, I was afraid of food because of my food allergies.  I was carrying too much weight.  I was often confused about so many things.  I was afraid to speak up for myself because I thought I would alienate my friends.  I often procrastinated and “over thought” set up requirements or results.  With your help and guidance, all if this has changed.
My biggest food problems were with meat, and you taught me how to prepare my own food so that my meals are now energizing, clean and vegan.  As I changed my diet, I began to shed weight because the bad foods I had accumulated in my body were released.  As we began to focus on changing the numbers on my scale, I learned that some foods that are healthy can also cause weight gain, so I now know how to limit those foods and still keep them in my diet.  I learned how to voice my opinions, wants and needs in better ways.  I have a better relationship with myself and the people I love.  I learned how to put energy into my projects.  It began with putting energy into my diet and moved to putting energy into my feet to go look at the project and make a list of requirements that I needed to purchase, then making everything happen.  This is included asking for help when I needed it, and finding the help was there all the time!
I am grateful that you have chosen this line of work.  I am grateful for your help and guidance.  I am grateful that you listened to my concerns and that you had good solid answers that I could act on.  I am grateful for your carefully crafted meditations and affirmation lists.  I am grateful for shedding weight so that my horse had less weight to carry.  I have less weight to carry when I exercise, do my chores and do the little things like tie my shoes.
Love and hugs,
G. R.
reset your digestion in 14 days
Experience measurable results in less than a month!

How To Burn Fat By Resting

Let’s talk about how to relax.

Why is this important? Among other fantastic benefits — when you are relaxed, you burn more fat.

When you’re stressed, you might do the opposite and hold the stubborn weight that doesn’t want to go away. According to case studies, when there is too much cortisol in our bodies (due to physiological or environmental stress), it often triggers fat accumulation.

While eating foods that are high in fiber, protein, and slow-releasing carbs can naturally increase our bodies’ ability to burn more fat, we can help the process significantly by merely slowing down.

When moving through life too fast, without taking enough breaks, we inevitably eat fast, which triggers a cortisol response, and diminishes our calorie-burning power.

Slowing down moves us from the fight-or-flight stress-state to the peaceful state of relaxation and inner calm.

Just by allowing yourself to relax more, you are likely to increase your metabolism and reach your fitness goals in a much more enjoyable way! 🙏🏼

Now it`s the perfect time to download my guide on chewing slowly: click here.

Not only that: the slower we eat, the faster we metabolize our food, and the more sustained energy we have throughout the day.

The shortcut to turn off stress and activate a physiological relaxation response is conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing means taking full deep breaths and holding them in for four counts before your exhale. Your nervous system will begin to calm down immediately.

While you are resting….check out my channel! <3

You literally just have to breathe more deeply to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system. We have oxygen available to us 24/7, and it’s always available to use (thankfully!)

Here is an easy exercise you can try:

✔️ Write your top 3 stressors.
✔️Now create your top 3 relaxers.
✔️Ensure eating slowly and are chewing your food.
✔️On busier days, take some time to stretch, do gentle yoga, go for a walk, meditate, or take an Epsom salt bath/long shower.
✔️Initiate regular intimacy with someone you connect to on a deeper level.

Quality intimacy is, by far, one of the best stress relievers!

Regardless of what you choose to do – when in doubt, just take a break to breathe and relax.

What’s your take on this topic? Let me know!

~ I am here for you if you have questions or comments,


How To Achieve Glowing Skin

Have you ever busted your head searching for supplements, “miracle” facials, or super expensive skin products that will give you the glowing skin you deserve? I know I have. And it didn`t wor.

Of course, what we put On our skin matters tremendously. I am a devoted proponent of regular exfoliating and high-quality serums. However: if our hormones are imbalanced, if we are chronically stressed, dehydrated and consuming too many processed foods that cause inflammation — you guessed it, even the most expensive products will stop working.

What made the biggest difference for my skin is stress management, combined with getting enough sleep and eating a variety of smart fats, antioxidant rich fruits, and greens.

Here is my formula. Easy to remember and very effective.

It spells S.K.I.N:

S. — schedule regular facials that promote cell renewal in your skin

K. — taKe vitamin A, D and K (essential for healthy skin and bones)

I. — intake happy thoughts and lower your stress with meditation and exercise

N. — nourish yourself daily with omega 3 rich foods, vegetables and antioxidants

Sounds pretty simple? It is. Yet, personally, It took me a couple of years to nail it down. Why? Simple doesn’t mean easy. I am here for you to help you brainstorm what in your lifestyle makes attaining glowing skin difficult.

Remember that every change first starts in our subconscious mind. 1) acceptance, 2) letting go and 3) trusting the process. These are the steps of every sustainable transformation. How we look externally is a direct manifestation of how we feel.

The motto of my work is that everyone deserves to look and feel great. 🌺👇🏻♥️

For inquiries: go to lunavoda.com
~ Ana-Maria

Invest in your skin. It will represent you for a long time.

Recent Testimonial

“I love working with A-M, getting weekly assignments and experimenting with different foods and seeing what works for my body. I also like that`s is not a race and not a competition. It`s totally working. Everyone is commenting on how good I look.I feel so great.

My skin is glowing…I feel happy, energized and confident. I eat anti-inflammatory and anti-aging foods, and I feel and I look younger. I feel so much better about my self-esteem.It is very important to work with a coach because you keep yourself accountable…learning how to eat, what to eat, and implanting positive seeds in your brain. I highly recommend it to everybody! It`s the perfect package: getting all the information I need, the motivation, and the support.I absolutely recommend Ana-Maria to everybody! I am so glad she is in my life.It is PRICE-LESS.

It`s the best investment you can do in your life. You are changing your habits forever.” (K.B.)

An affordable skin care line I recomment is Yeouth.

Use my code SOCIAL20 to get 20% off on your first order. I don`t collect comissions. 🙂

It’s Time!!!

Don’t wait until you are desperate to change your life.

My responsibility as a practicing health&life coach is to always be honest with you, with no sugar-coating. Nobody will come to save you. No genie, no magic potion, no-one.

What do I mean: nobody can help us if we don’t want to accept responsibility for our thoughts and habits. It’s time to wake up from the illusion that some people have it all figured out while others do not.
It’s just not true. Most of us, regardless of where we are on the scale of personal growth, still experience negative thoughts and insecurities.
The difference is in the level of our self-awareness of these thoughts. Do we allow them to affect us, or do we let them go with ease?
Thoughts are neutral. Their meaning is not. It’s dependent on our emotional state.
Behind every reoccurring negative thought, there is an underlying need that needs to be expressed.
When it’s not expressed, it becomes a compulsion that leads to addictive behaviors, chronic discontment, and lack of fullfilment. 
The positive meaning of stress, fatigue, and self-sabotage is they can serve as a catalyst for the URGENCY to take charge of your life and take better care of yourself.

Don’t wait until it’s urgent to prioritize your emotional and physical health.

Take an action step right now!

How to take action:
1. Be mindful of your thoughts.
2. Don’t act on your thoughts.
3. Replace negative thoughts with their empowering reframing.
4. Don’t quit on yourself when things don’t go well.
5. Find a mentor/work with a coach/join a support group online/distance yourself from people who don’t aspire you to be the best version of yourself.

What happens is that we often wait to be desperate in order to change.

I am here for you if you need to ask any questions.

You are not alone! We all have our struggles.

~ Ana-Maria


change your thoughts

change your life

luna_voda coaching

Build Unshakeable Confidence and Take Your Power Back: 12 Weeks Intensive

Do you want to transform your self-talk, build unstoppable confidence and emanate radiant energy that lights up the room?

Do you want to take your power back and create a life that makes you feel confident, accomplished, loved, and fulfilled in every area of your life?

You are in the right space!

First, you have to release any old blockages and tendencies that cause you to doubt yourself or hide back and try to be invisible.

Slide the cursor to read in full.

The “Unshakeable Confidence Builder90-Day-Intensive program is the right fit for you if you know you want to:

  1. Build intuition and self-awareness on how to recognize the limiting beliefs you carry around your body, career, intimate relationships, and the way you live your life.
  2. Learn to recognize self-sabotaging beliefs and replace confidence-damaging habits with confidence-building habits. 
  3. Adopt empowering techniques for managing negative patterns and stepping into your power to change and feel confident in your skin. 
  4. Attain a new baseline where you begin to create life-changing (and sustainable)! physical and emotional transformation.

Confidence is a skill. You can learn it!

Confidence is an inside job.

5 PROVEN Tools For Improving Your Body Language & Appear More Confident:

1) Have positive energy that draws people in regardless of your age, gender, body type, etc
2) Maintain friendly eye contact without looking on the floor or fidgeting while speaking
3) Choose a type of wear that feels comfortable and compliments your figure in a way YOU feel good 
4) Release the tension in your body with regular stretching, dancing, and hip-openers exercises
5) Improve your posture and avoid slouching that would make you look timid and self-conscious even if you are not

You can`t fake confidence.

Your body language doesn`t lie and will give it away.

Also, in my work I stand against faking. I promote holistic healing that begins in your mindset and gradually begins to sweep through all other areas in your life: affecting positively your intimate relationship, your career success and your self-awareness.

During this program, you receive premium benefits:

  1. On-going support from me via texts, emails, and scheduled weekly check-ins
  2. New meditation recording each week that re-wires your brain to release old limiting beliefs
  3. Customized affirmations that assist you to visualize your progress and connect to yourself on a deeper level
  4. On-going guidance on what foods to eat to support radiant energy and youthfulness
  5. A confidence-boosting dance-fitness routine (optional*) you can do at home streamed at a convenient time for your schedule, designed by me.

Upon completion, you will achieve four major outcomes:

Learn what thoughts and behaviors hold you back and how to reverse them
• Set up the conditions for inevitable success and self-accountability
• Find out which foods give your vibrant energy and support your inner confidence with outer youthfulness and glow
• Convert the confidence-building habits and routines, you have learned into ingrained behaviors that last

My Story

I am so passionate about empowering women to transform their self-talk and build more confidence because I know how it feels to continually sabotage yourself, to feel disconnected from your body, and to avoid your reflection in the mirror – affirming that you are not “enough” and will never be loved for who you are. This is false!

You deserve nothing LESS than Excellent Health, A Thriving Relationship & Fulfilling Career

Today is the perfect day to say YES to yourself.

Once you transform your confidence, you will transform your relationship to yourself, to your partner, to your health, and to your entire life.

The Results You Can Expect

✓ You wake up feeling more well-rested, happier, and more positive

✓ You learn how to distress your mind with mindfulness exercises and daily meditation

✓ You intuitively know what to eat for your body type, and you naturally choose vibrant foods that support your health, energy, and vibrance

✓ You are co-creating an AMAZING relationship with yourself (and your partner/future partner) that stems from a place of unconditional self-love and self-respect

✓ You maintain clear your boundaries around your needs and learn how to prioritize your self-care

✓ You are learning SO much about yourself that you start to completely let go of all previous deconstructive habits and limiting beliefs

Let’s achieve your goals with laser focus, high energy and confidence.

Not loving your BODY should NOT be your norm.

Forget the diet. Discover the optimal foods for your body and health

Dieting does not work. Deprivation does not work. Feeling lost what to eat is exhausting.

The hack to attaining your ideal weight is to figure out the 5Ws.

  • How to eat
  • What to eat
  • When to eat
  • Where to eat
  • Who are you when you eat

In my coaching work, I help women to uncover what’s been stopping them from achieving their health goals before.

In this program, I teach them not only how to eat for their unique bodies, I coach them how to nourish their self-talk, double their energy and build unstoppable confidence.

By enrolling in this program, I will help you to create a powerful vision of what achieving your health goals can do for your physical health, and for the emotional health of your intimate relationships.
You will discover which foods and lifestyle habits are getting in a way with your optimal wellness, and, most importantly, you will be motivated to stay committed to your new habits until they become your second nature.

In this 90-day program, you will receive:


  1. on-going support from me (via texts, emails, and weekly check-ins)
  2. on-going guidance on nutrition and mindful eating
  3. new meditation recording each week for inner peace and calm
  4. customized affirmations that assist you to visualize and attract your end goal

Upon completion, you will achieve 3 major outcomes:

  • Setting up the conditions for inevitable success
  • Finding out which foods are right for your body
  • Converting these new healthy habits into behaviors that last!
If your goal is not only to shed the stubborn weight but to feel more energized, confident and younger, this program is your pathway to success!

I honor you for saying “yes” to your health ten years from now. Your future self will thank you.

~ With love and care,


Recent Testimony

“Dear Ana-Maria, I want to thank you for sticking with me to help me shed over 25 pounds! You helped me change my diet for the better. Previously, I was afraid of food. You taught me about foods that I had never heard of before. You taught me how to “eat my greens” and really like it. You taught me quick, easy meals and some of them are portable…We also worked on my mental “baggage.” There were issues from my childhood that were still weighing me down with fear and self-doubt. The affirmations you sent to me were wonderful, for 2 reasons: (1) because it was obvious that you really heard me, and (2) because addressing my issues as they came up over the months, you helped me teach my brain how to set these things aside in appropriate wats through the affirmations and meditations of the week…I feel great. Now that I have less weight to move around I move around much more easily. The little aches and pains that are usually attributed to getting older are a non-issue. I am dancing more, I am walking more, I am enjoying my life more…Issues that used to get me down or make me angry no longer tun my life. I don`t dwell on them like I used to. They no longer hold power over me.”

More Testimonials

Thank you, Ana-Maria for your patience and understanding.  I recognize that being healthy is about more than just food, it includes stress issues and exercise.  You have been so patient with me, helping me past my natural resistance to change, helping me get restorative sleep, dealing with my likes and dislikes in foods, and giving me personal exercises that I can do.  The personalized meditations are outstanding.  You help me to let go of my fears.  The weekly check-ins are so beneficial.  During the week you send me wonderful recipes and you listen to my feedback on them and adjust them as needed.  I never got much from affirmations that I learned from other “coaches” because they didn’t understand who I am and what I do.  The “one size fits all” didn’t fit for me at all.  The specific affirmations you have given me, make all the difference.  When I tell you the negative things in my life, I am confident that you take these in confidence, but the cool thing is, you carefully turn them into positive goals without ever mentioning the negative place they came from.  I expected to go through some changes with my body, and I expected that some changes might be hard to handle, but you helped me through it all with new techniques I had not heard of before, which made the changes easier and the results are terrific. Already I am healthier and stronger than I have been in quite a while.”

“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy”: How To Stop Comparing And Start Living

Stop putting other people on a pedestal.

We all have our personal moments of self-doubt and challenges.

The difference is whether you allow yourself to stay trapped in this limbo.

Check out this video!

When people compare themselves to others, they usually do it from a place of uncertainty and self-doubt.

Would you agree with that?

To prevent these feelings from causing you to feel inferior, you have to check in with yourself and release the belief that there is an actual difference between the people we compare ourselves to and us.

Because there is not; our ego projects the illusion that we are not enough and that other people have it all figured out, that`s not true.

There Is Always Enough For All of Us.

What there is, though, a social construct that creates barriers and walls between people.

And this is why I promote the importance of building unshakable confidence.

In reality, at the offset of our biological lives, we were once all innocent babies. Yet, each of us has a unique story, a unique path, and a unique set of life lessons for us to learn from before attaining our goals. You don’t accidentally meet people who seem “better” or appear more “successful,” or as if they “have what we don’t.” You notice them – “everywhere” – around you only if you feel incomplete or less confident in your uniques abilities, physical appearance, and professional skills. When you feel strongly confident in yourself, you stop obsessing (and taking it personally) about what other people are doing/or display to be doing.

Before comparing yourself to others, ask yourself:

“Why does this person or situation trigger me to feel bad about myself?”;

“Does comparing to them uplift me or does it bring me self-doubt?”

“Do I compare myself to others because I genuinely look up to them, or because deep down I doubt my equal worthiness of success?

@ Luna Voda Coaching

The more you compare yourself to others, the more you remain stuck in the gloomy feeling of misery, unworthiness, and perpetual self-doubt.

The sooner you release the pattern of comparing yourself to other people, the quicker you begin to adopt the new belief that there is an equal share of abundance, happiness, and success for all of us.

And that we all have access to it.

The only true competition is between Your Former Limitations and Your Quest For Liberation.

The more genuine joy and admiration you feel for people who seem to have achieved more than you, the more the Universe is going to match your vibration of happiness and self-worth, and bring you exactly what you want to achieve.

In order to become the person you want to be, you HAVE TO act as that person.

Does the person you want to become is envious and doubtful, or is she joyful, peaceful and feeling enough?

When you know that you are enough, you release the need to constantly seek validation outside of yourself; you stop comparing to people who have what you want...because you realize that you already possess the strength within yourself to create your own success and happiness.

~ Ana-Maria

Latest from the Blog

7 Types Of People You Need To AVOID If You Want To Be In A Healthy Relationship

Do you want to attract an emotionally available partner who is confident, reliable, and intellectually mature?

If you see that the flag is RED, pretending it’s green doesn’t make it less red.


Are You Ready To Manifest Epic Love? Scroll To The Bottom To WATCH The Free Training I Have For You

7 Types Of Dating Personalities You Should Watch For

1) The Anxious Attachment Style – commonly seen in people who are clingy, insecure in themselves, or constantly needing external validation

2) The Avoidant Attachment Style – commonly seen in commitment-phobic people, playing hot & cold, usually emotionally unavailable

3) The Narcissist – commonly seen in self-serving individuals, generally unreliable, focused on their own needs, their words and actions rarely match 

4) The Drama Addict – commonly seen in individuals with unresolved trauma bond; they often expect the “other shoe to drop”; tend to instigate unnecessary arguments or conflicts to get the adrenaline from the “chase.”

5) The PLAYER – commonly seen in manipulators who prey on the people’s insecurities to feel in charge; like to play power games to mask their insecurities

6) The “DOM” – commonly seen in women or men who are accustomed to taking financial care of their partners who are significantly younger than them; they tend to dominate over their partners and treat them as trophies 

7) The Catfish – commonly seen in dating profiles where people would fake their personalities or photos and ghost their date without a proper explanation 

Watch this video to learn more!

As I often tell my clients, just because there is a pattern in your brain that is already programmed to attract toxic relationships, this doesn’t mean you should act on it. 

The great news is that our brain is malleable and can be rewired with practice and commitment 🙂 

The question is do you WANT to learn, or do you want to keep saying, “oh, things are fine…”

The only way to attract the Love Of Your Life/Or Improve Your Current Relationship(s), if that’s what you want, is to change your inner dialogue and build internal confidence that includes clear communication and setting healthy boundaries.

7 signs you are rising in love with the ‘right’ person for you ♥️♥️♥️

1. You can spend hours with each other and never feel bored. Your conversations flow freely and enrich your consciousness.

2. You discover peculiar coincidences in your present and former experiences. You feel like you’ve known each other forever.

3. You both feel a magnetic force that goes beyond chemistry. You feel a strong connection between your physical and spiritual energies, and you maintain it beyond the initial phase of attraction. 

4. You have strong commonalities and shared values and balance each other in other areas. You make a great team!

5. You have a shared or a similar sense of purpose and push each other to grow and evolve as individuals and as a couple.

6. You feel safe to express your opinions and needs openly and without reservations. You understand each other on a soul level.

7. You have developed a telepathic bond and can feel each other’s energies, thoughts and emotions.

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Do you want to attract your ideal match?

  • Someone who deeply values and respects you? 
  • Someone who is emotionally available and reciprocates your affection and attention?
  • Someone who is mature and knows what they want in life?
  • Someone who is dependable and does what they say they would do?
  • Someone who communicates well and shows up with empathy and integrity in their communication?
  • Someone who is not manipulative and has your best interests at heart? 

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The 5 ‘Wounded’ Inner Child Archetypes — Which Archetype Are You?

Do you want to be in a happy & equal relationship and STAY happy IN IT once the honeymoon phase is over?

You have to understand your attachment style FIRST.

This way you can understand other people better & protect yourself from attracting toxic relationships.

Most of us have residual trauma. This doesn’t mean that your parents were bad people. They were people…And they did the best they could with the knowledge they had.

I share this information with you to show you that having limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns is nothing to be ashamed of. Trauma bonding is a process that has to be UNLEARNED. And it takes time. Be patient with it and reach out for support when you need it. Vulnerability is a sign of strength, not weakness.

The 5 ‘Wounded’ Inner Child Archetypes

The Caretaker/ People-Pleaser — Typically comes from codependent dynamics where one’s individual needs are deemed unimportant. Assumes that the only way to receive love is to be good and self-less. 

  • Associated limiting belief — “The only way to receive love is to cater to others and ignore my own needs. I need others to complete me. I have to say YES to everyone and put myself second.”

The Overachiever/Perfectionist— Typically comes from families where one parent was a perfectionist. Uses external validation as a way to cope with low self-worth.

  • Associated limiting belief — “The only way to receive love is through academic achievements, physical attributes, or financial or professional status. I am only worthy of love if I am “perfect” and perceived as successful.”
I, myself, am a Perfectionist in recovery 🙂

The Underachiever — Typically comes from families where one of the parents was ‘inferior ’ to the other parent or financially dependent on them. Believes that the only way to receive love is to stay invisible or hidden or to be “good” and agreeable.

  • Associated limiting belief, “I am not good enough to be seen or have needs. Good things happen only to other people. Something is wrong with me.”
If you recognize yourself in this archetype, you might benefit from learning how to say NO and say YES to yourself

The Rescuer/The “Parent” — Typically comes from families where one sibling (usually the oldest) had to take care of their brothers or sisters or “take care” of their parent. Ferociously attempts to rescue those around them in an attempt to feel “needed.”

  • Associated limiting belief, “I have to take care of others because they need me. I need other people’s approval to feel validated. I am responsible for others.” 

The “FOREVER” Child/ The Life Of The Party— This archetype never grows up, emotionally. Perceives life is an ongoing party as a way to avoid dealing with their emotions or pains. 

  • Associated limiting belief, “I am not allowed to show pain or vulnerability. The only way to receive love is if others see me as a fun and cheerful person who doesn’t have any problems or struggles.”
You are safe to be playful & mature at the same time!

You might find it USEFUL to know that people who share the traits of the Perfectionist/Overachiever type often feel like they need external validation to feel loved.

On the opposite side, individuals who represent the archetype of the “Caretaker” and the “Parent” are often attracted to people who make them feel “needed.”

The so-called “people pleasers” often find themselves in co-dependent relationships where they can search for someone to “complete them.”

The “Forever Child” archetype is often seen in emotionally unavailable partners who dodge commitment, play games, or refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

They are often attracted to people who act their “Parents” who can support them financially or take care of them.

& and so forth…

Check out my channel 🙂

Questions to consider:

  1. How would you rate your satisfaction with your love life right now from 1-10 (10 is best)?
  2. If less than a 10, what action steps can you take to start improving it?
  3. If you are not feeling LIGHT in your heart, what’s the impact of being stuck in the current situation?
  4. What’s the cost to you of staying in the same place and not achieving what you really want? Emotionally, physically, or mentally?
  5. If you are single, how much time do you invest working on YOURSELF so you can attract a high-value partner who matches your value?
  6. What, if anything, might be standing in the way of your happiness?
  7. What positive support do you currently have to help you attract the love of your life or improve your current relationship (s)?
  8. How much self-care do you practice in your life right now so you can feel healthy in your body and mind?
  9. How confident do you feel in setting healthy boundaries and expressing your needs and emotions CLEARLY and with kindness?
  10. How self-aware you are of your tendencies and patterns?

What`s your score?

As I often tell my clients, just because there is a pattern in your brain that is already programmed to attract toxic relationships, this doesn’t mean you should act on it.

The great news is that our brain is malleable and can be rewired with practice and commitment 🙂

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Remember, all healing starts in the heart.

Even if there is a part of you that is under construction, you are not broken.

You are whole and complete.

It’s all about integrating all of your parts together and releasing the tendencies and thought patterns that are holding you back.

~ With love,


How To Balance The Feminine And Masculine Energies In Your Body

We ALL have masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender and sexual orientation 🙂

You can be masculine in a “feminine” form and can also be in touch with your feminine as a male (that includes no-binary people!)

The masculine and feminine energies are fluid and inter-dependent and that’s why we have to be balanced in our polarities in order to attract healthy and wholesome relationships — the opposite of dysfunctional and co-dependent relationships!

Why do we need to feel balanced in the feminine and masculine energies?

Keep reading 🙂

The Feminine archetype balances the Masculine, and to feel inner balance, we must possess positive qualities of each archetype.

balance the feminine and masculine energies
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According to Carl Jung, the Feminine can include a multitude of archetypal energies within her (The Virgin, The Seductress, The Lover, The Queen, The Emperor, The Healer, The Mother, The Mystic, etc.)

A mature Feminine, according to Jung, is in tune with her emotions and fosters inspiration, beauty, connection, and deep love for those around her.

The Feminine magnetizes, attracts, and possesses natural intuitive and creative gifts.

She can let go and surrender with ease and also preserve her strength during hardship and challenges.

The Masculine is often represented with the archetypal energies of the Warrior, The Lover, The Father, The Priest, The Magician, and the King.

This archetype unifies, rules protects, loves deeply, and creates structure through action and perseverance.

According to Jung, a mature Masculine archetype will have confronted his own limitations and insecurities and learned how to temper and hold them with responsibility.

Are you single? Do you want to attract your Ideal Partner and manifest the Love of Your Dreams?

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How To Read Body Language & Build Better Rapport With Others

Have you ever experienced a conversation when you felt like the other person is distracted, not fully present, emotionally distanced, and not actively engaged with you, body language-wise? 

Active (also known as deep) listening is not just about paying attention to what’s said verbally; it about paying attention to what’s said non-verbally. 

Want to improve your communication skills so you can set better boundaries with the people in your life?
Watch this video 🙂

Close to 80 % of our communication is non-verbal

It involves physical cues, posture, eye contact (or lack of such), energetic presence and a lot more.

Often what`s unsaid contains more meaning than what words alone can convey.

Do you want to deepen your active listening skills so you could build better rapport with others?

Keep reading.

tips for active listening

By the way, I have pre-recorded trainings on persuasive communication that are now available for streaming; included with my individual sessions.

Contact coaching@lunavoda.com to learn more!

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how to understand people better

Although it’s not your responsibility to monitor how others perceive you, it’s YOUR responsibility to articulate your thoughts CLEARLY and without vagueness or passive aggressiveness.

10 Questions for personal reflection:

1) Are you an attentive & active listener?

2) Do you pay attention to non-physical cues?

3) Do you practice daily mindfulness so you could be emotionally balanced and less prone to acting defensive?

4) Do you listen absent-mindedly with your ears, or do you listen with your heart and are energetically present in your conversations?

Watch this video if you want to learn how to set clear boundaries around your needs

5) Do you think it your “fault” when people mistreat you or take advantage of you?

6) Do you easily go from judgment and resentment, or do you hold on to these feelings for a long time?

7) Do you openly communicate your feelings, or do you expect the other person to “guess” what`s going on with you?

8} Do you set healthy boundaries in your relationships, or do you struggle to express your needs openly and articulately?

9) Are you a people`s pleaser, or are do you share your opinions with kind assertiveness?

10) Do you invest an effort to make your partner/friends/family members feel appreciated, loved, seen, and accepted for who they are and NOT who you want them to be?

If you often feel misunderstood, you might want to check in with yourself to make sure you are not expecting others to guess your needs or read your mind.

Nobody can detect what you REALLY need unless you learn how to communicate effectively:)

Everything in Life is a skill; including persuasive communication.

As I often tell my clients – just because you don`t know how to do something, it doesn`t mean you can`t learn it.

Question is – do you actually want to learn?

Learning is not just about accessing new information; it`s about IMPLEMENTING this information.

This is exactly why there are people who might graduate with a high GPA and still struggle to change their habits or mindset.

Information doesn`t create change.


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10 signs someone is manipulating you

How To Identify Your Triggers To Avoid Self-Sabotage

Let me assure you, nothing is wrong with you for experiencing self-sabotage.

It’s your brain rebelling against something ‘new’ or unfamiliar.

The only way to identify your triggers is to, first, understand, how your brain works

For example,

If one part of your brain wants to eat healthy and be at your optimal weight and another part doesn’t want to give up sweets or late-night snacking— this would lead to cognitive dissonance, despite your initial “willpower.”

Watch this video to learn what cognitive dissonance is and how to avoid it

You might be thinking,

“What are the benefits of having strong inner-confidence and self-motivation that help your brain to stay on track with your goals without quitting?”

Here is why,

You need both confidence and self-discipline to instill the motivation your brain requires to follow through with your goals. 

A strong motivation and self-discipline give you more power over your thoughts and feelings, thus giving you more power to concentrate and focus on what you want to achieve.

Being a master of your own mind gives you the confidence that you CAN do it and you ARE responsible for accomplishing your goals. 

Your brain is plastic (aka, the term neuroplasticity), meaning it can change.

It is malleable, like the muscle, but when left without exercise, the mind remains stuck in patterns of thoughts that limit growth.

Brain plasticity is what allows your brain to change its “soft wiring.”

Everything our brain knows is a result of our experiences and choices up until now. 

You can’t change your experiences but you can alternate their meaning and your perception of them.

Just because you failed at changing your habits in the past, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail again.

That’s a victimhood mentality.

And you’re not a victim.

You’re a grownup adult capable of changing and evolving.

Understanding how your brain is wired, in which ways does it affect your habits, is a necessary first step to changing them. 

NLP (neuro-linguistic reprogramming) coaching helps you to exercise your mind, learn new things, improve your memory, and create new neural pathways that promote behavioral change on identity level.

By the way, 

What’s even MORE interesting (to me, at least!) is that YOUR HEART actually sends more information to your nervous system than your brain does, and the quality of these signals profoundly affects brain function.

The brain interprets the signals of the heart to tell you how you feel.

To change how you feel, you need a doorway to the heart to alter the ascending information moving it to the brain. 

Download my FREE guided meditation here.

By using meditation and other NLP-derived techniques, you can re-orchestrate the neurons in your brain to alternate your neural response and help you remodel your behavior.

Are you ready to create LASTING changes in your self-perception and inner confidence?

Book a session with me here,

About Me

My name is Ana-Maria, the founder of Luna Voda Coaching

I am a certified health & life coach with mastery in transformational coaching on identity level and ten years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a dance-fitness instructor:)

Motivated by my desire to build a successful business from scratch, like I did, last year I developed the life purpose program (lunavoda.com/lifepurpose), where I am currently helping other women entrepreneurs to create their dream careers and have it all: The Great Health, The Fulfilling Relationship, and The Life Purpose:)

If you’re still at a crossroads, unsure where to go in your life, please remember that being lost is not the same as being confined in the past. Sometimes, the only way to ‘find’ ourselves is by allowing ourselves to tap into our creative mind and follow our internal GPS — our intuition:)

The Universe always delivers to those who are courageous and daring to step into the wilderness of the unknown.

As Joseph Campbell said, “the cave you’re afraid to enter holds the treasures you seek.”

Our past doesn’t define us.

It’s our decisions that define our choices how to change what we don’t longer want to experience.Every woman deserves to have it all … and she can!

Let me show you HOW 🙂

How To Save Your Relationship From A Break-Up

broken heart love sad

Do You Want To Learn How to Reconnect with Your Partner and Improve Your Communication without Having to Go through Painful Counseling?

If you are NOT in a happy relationship, you have TWO choices: to remain unhappy or to do something about it

When you KNOW there is a problem, avoiding it doesn`t make it go away.

Keep reading to learn how to AVOID the most common reasons WHY couples split.

5 Communication Improvements That Help Any Committed Relationship To Stay ‘In Love’

1. Don’t nag or guilt-shame

  • Learn how to inspire change with a positive reinforcement

2. Avoid getting defensive or overly critical

  • Learn how to communicate with mutual respect

3. Don’t take your partner for granted

  • Learn how to verbally appreciate them

4. Practice healthy boundaries

  • Learn how to communicate your own needs without having to sacrifice yourself to please your partner

5. Plan fun & bonding experiences together

  • Invest the effort in maintaining the chemistry long-term

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Guided Meditations That Build Unshakable Confidence (FREE Download)

Did you know that the most successful people meditate every single day?

Why? Because daily meditation implants positive seeds in your brain that helps you re-wire old negative beliefs and replace them with confident thoughts and behaviors

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BONUS….Guided Meditations For Queens + Self-Empowerment



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The Story Behind Luna Voda Coaching: How I Got From Lost To Found & Discovered My Life Purpose in My Twenties

In my last year in college, I conducted a comprehensive research (approved by The Human Subjects in Seattle, Wa) on the relationship between our body language and our internal self-talk and cultural upbringing.

This is when my transformation began.

My name is Ana-Maria…The founder of Luna Voda Coaching (literally, Moon Water)

I was born and raised in Bulgaria.

I started dancing when I was five, which created my lifetime passion for creative self-expression and movement and later developed into a career pursuit in teaching dance-fitness, meditation, and healthy living.

Because of my mum, a scholar AND a dancer, I started to study English at age ten and later pursued my interests in humanities at the National High School For Ancient Languages and Cultures in Sofia, Bulgaria

When I was 17, I came to Portland, OR, to study at the Waldorf School in Portland OR. Later, I received a double major (with honors) from The University Of Washington in International Studies and Dance.

In my early twenties, I struggled with a lot of issues triggered by my strained relationship with my biological dad; from body image dysmorphia to commitment issues and chronic self-doubt that was crippling my ability to perceive myself as worthy of love and success.

This persistent lack of self-approval (that started at age 14!) not only prevented me from feeling confident in myself, despite my academic achievements or physical attributes, but it also interfered with my physical health…leading to hormonal issues, loss of period, acne, adrenal fatigue and a complete alienation from my body…for years!

During this dark period of my life, I felt empty; I felt unlovable, I felt fatigued, lost, hideous, and incapable of coping with my traumas….until one day, at age 22, I decided that enough is enough.

I HAD to do something…

In my last year in college, I conducted a comprehensive research (approved by The Human Subjects in Seattle, Wa) on the relationship between our body language and our internal self-talk and cultural upbringing.

I was fortunate to present my findings at the annual Research Symposium hosted by the University of Washington.

During this time, I previewed close to a thousand books in movement therapy, neuroscience, behavioral therapy, gender studies, and more.

Driven by these interests, I later got certified in health and life coaching with mastery in NLP transformational coaching and found my company Luna Voda Coaching (literally, moon water in my native language).

I chose this name because it symbolizes the nurturing element of water in a synergetic balance with the moon’s divine feminine nature.

And this is what my coaching is all about: empowering women to empower themselves, re-connect to their innate wisdom and rebuild their confidence…by gradually transforming and improving every other area in their lives.

In my work, I help women to reconnect to their bodies, improve their health, build unshakable confidence, find and follow their life purpose, become assertive communicators, and deepen the emotional intimacy with their partners.

Remember…Your Past Doesn’t Define You. You Define Yourself. These Choices Define Your Future.

My life purpose is helping other women who are going through similar issues, like I was, to feel seen, supported, and encouraged – and to show them how to get their power back, rebuild their confidence, and create permanent changes in their self-perception.

If I could recover from my traumas and become the confident, driven, and successful woman I am today, I am certain that everyone can do it.

Everything I do today, I do it because I wish someone was there for me when I felt lost, self-loathing, and helpless.

I became the coach I wish I had when I was struggling….

Your past cannot control you.

You can break free! You deserve to be free!

Just ten years ago, I was on the edge of a complete breakdown.

Today, I am healthy, happy, confident and free from past addictions and negative self-talk. I was also able to overcome my commitment phobia and create space for romantic love & partnership in my personal life.

Not only did I heal from my past but I was able to transfer the skills I`d acquired in this process of personal development and soul-searching and compile them into a straightforward blueprint for transformation that I now customize for the individual goals of my clients.

The results are tangible because once you dedicate yourself to leaving the past behind, you can achieve anything you set your mind to accomplish.

In my work, I empower women to empower themselves and to get behind the wheel of their life path.

Change is difficult, and this is why I am so passionate about my work. I’ve invested thousands of hours and thousands (and thousands…) of dollars into my personal development and I’ve compiled all of my tools into an easy-to-follow program that I’ve designed to help everyone become the best version of themselves.

Every woman out there deserves to look and feel great!

I am here to help…

Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk!

Five Evidence-Based Methods To Keep Your Brain Young and Improve Your Memory

Use these strategies to improve your memory, boost your mental performance, and support brain health. 

1. Stimulate your brain to fire new neurons by engaging in mentally stimulating activities such as: analyzing data, creative writing, playing chess, strategizing, journaling, reading books written by smart people

Ginger is in her 70s and in our coaching work together, she not only shed more than 30 pounds but also significantly improved her memory and sleep!

What`s your excuse to tolerate a blurry memory?

2. Feed your intelligence with foods that are shown to improve concentration, develop more focus and help with memory retention:

such as omega 3 fats (fatty fish, avocados, nuts and seeds, MCT oil) and antioxidants (cacao, berries, green tea)

3. Balance the left and ride sides of your brain with regular activities that promote creativity and expansion of your consciousness, such as dancing, painting, transcendental meditation, etc…

4. Learn to speak at least one more language (learning a new language creates novelty in your brain!)

Studies show that learning a new language increases the volume and density of gray matter, the volume of white matter, and brain connectivity.

5. Become an eloquent speaker who can present your arguments both firmly and empathetically for the other person’s point of view

According to research, over 90 % of the top perfumers are said to have high emotional intelligence.

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