The 5 Steps Of Every Successful Transformation. You have to do them all to succeed

Have you found yourself stuck in the area that you want to change, but you don`t where to start?

We can’t follow through, and be successful, without a structure.

You can tweak the steps and make them your own, but I strongly recommend you follow the blueprint.
It`s based on behavioral psychology and transformational coaching.

But first.

Very important! If you want to create a long-lasting change, you really have to learn how to be patient with the process.:)

Sometimes we want big results fast and we imagine that means pushing ourselves as far and fast as we can go. But we often set ourselves up for failure that way.  Slow and steady, consistent follow-through is what gets results that create true lasting transformation.

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STEP #1 of 5: Step Back

Stepping Back is about moving from being “in” to an “observer” of a situation.

The reason it’s essential to Step Back and get the distance between you and your programming is that the distance opens up the opportunity to see a situation from a new perspective.
Your programming is what you were given at a very early age to decide yourself and the world. When you can see a situation from a new perspective, you will likely create more choices and possibilities.

STEP #2 of 5: Let Go

At its core, transformation is a continual process of letting go. This step is all about giving you a way to release old beliefs and create new ones.

STEP #3 of 5: Say Yes to Self

This step is about anchoring in new beliefs that reflect your true self now. Once we’ve let go of the dysfunctional beliefs that no longer serve us, we get to choose what we want to believe and who we want to be.

STEP #4 of 5: Take Empowered Action

When you feel completely grounded in yourself and your truth, you are in the perfect place to take empowered action.

Why is “empowered action” specifically important?

If you’re taking action from a place of fear, “not enough-ness”, doubt, confusion, or worry, then you aren’t coming from an empowered place.

STEP #5 of 5: Set Up Accountability (Support AND Stretch)

Once you are committed to changing your life, you want to set up the type of accountability that makes success inevitable, which means you must have the support and stretch.

What are the conditions that set you up for inevitable success?

One way is to surround yourself with people who have the belief systems and outcomes that you want to have.

Need more accountability in your life? I am here to stretch your thinking of what`s possible for you on the other side of fear and self-doubt.

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