Time for a SALAD: 3 home-made dressings

Make your plate your canvas!

1st: Lettuce, tomatoes, yams and arugula.

Dressing: lime juice, jalapeno, mustard, scallion, cucumber, avocado and celery

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2nd: Steamed veggies, lettuce and sprouted lentils.

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Dressing: only lime juice,kelp (seeweed is great and nutritious alternative to salt, check here ->),  and nutritional yeast

3rd: Beets, cherry tomatoes and chard

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Dressing: Blend on small scale (or by pulsing) 3 small beets with one small plum, a medium tomato, basil, spoon of miso and dulse (another great choice of seeweed full of vitamins).

You can also savour it with Bregg`s Luquid Aminos and Balsamic VInegar.

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