The Science Behind Losing The Stubborn Weight: Permanently

Have you tried to lose the stubborn weight in the past without success? Keep reading

Generally speaking, people who carry stubborn weight tend to struggle with persistent cravings for sugar and sweets, emotional or stress eating, and frustrating confusion about what types of food are healthy for them and what kinds of food cause them to gain weight.

I am specifically talking about women in this post because I am a woman myself, and I understand the female brain quite well.

In addition, in my practice, I work with women from a wide range of professional backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and lifestyles.

Our brain wasn`t invented in the 21st Century…it carries a lot of traits designed for survival that are still automated in your behavior.

Take the fight or flight response, for example.

Back in the day, women prioritized giving birth to babies over building a career, which has impacted our physiology.

Of course, our evolution has shifted these priorities significantly, and I, myself, am a FERVENT advocate of female empowerment in every sense of the world.

Becoming self-aware of one`s patterns includes acknowledging bitter truths about your history and history in general that you might don`t want to hear.

Truth sets you free because once you figure out how to motivate yourself to be healthy (emotionally, physically and mentally), you are building the discipline to pursue every other goals you might have.

So how is this tied to weight-loss?

First, you NEED TO understand what PART in your brain triggers you to over-eat, or to crave sugar, or numb your feelings with food, or to stress-eat.

Otherwise, you will perpetually follow fad diets that might live you short-lived results but are not going to sustain your motivation to re-wire your old habits and create new, healthier ones.

And this is precisely why most people fail to lose weight and keep it off.

They assume that learning about nutrition is enough.

No, it`s not.

If you have been on this vicious cycle of losing weight – gaining weight over and over again, think again.

Is it really the diet that causes you to fail or is it something else?

Willpower is not enough to bring people permanent change.

If you want to learn more about this topic, continue reading these other articles I created for you.

Remember, knowledge is power.

Embodying this knowledge is empowerment!

Need help shedding the stubborn weight? Let’s talk!

The reason I titled the thumbnail “weight-RELEASE” versus weight-LOSS is that if you are really trying to lose something, chances are you will find it back.

So, instead of focusing on losing weight, I find it very beneficial to focus on FINDING a new way of eating that is beneficial for your health, long-term

If your only goal is to shed 15-20 pounds to drop a few sizes, you are very likely to LOSE your motivation to change your eating habits after the initial phase of “discipline” is over…

If you, however, focus on discovering what foods are the most optimal for your ENERGY, you are way more likely to continue because when you have more energy, you feel more confident

When you feel more confident, you are shifting your priority from wanting to lose weight to deciding (willingly!) to lose any harmful habits that are sabotaging you from living your best life: emotionally, physically, or mentally!

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