The Hidden Link Between Your Sex Life & Weight Loss!

strawberry beside spoon of sugar

Let’s discuss how our relationships affect weight loss!

Are you hungry for sugar or are you hungry for intimacy?

Ask yourself…”Who am I being at the end of a long day at work when I get ravenous and no amount of food can fill me up”

Medicating with calorically dense foods might work temporarily because it numbs us out or it triggers a dopamine response in your brain

If we beat ourselves with shame for “messing up” or not being “good enough” then of course we’ll self-sabotage

Self-loathing, punishment, guilt, and self-judgment are not the pathway of healing

Procrastination, low motivation, resistance, low confidence, inability to enjoy yourself in intimacy…these are symptoms of an underlying issue

In fact, these will only make you more tired, anxious, emotionally or physically hungry, and unmotivated to change

If you have ever struggled to attain your ideal weight by restricting yourself or using willpower, you will surely benefit from connecting the dots between your confidence and your eating patterns

When I say confidence, I refer to your self-image, your self-talk, and your self-awareness

If we were always aware of our trapped limiting beliefs, everyone would be at a healthy weight and maintain it effortlessly without abusing their taste buds, exercising as a form of punishment, counting calories, or obsessing over what they eat or don’t eat

That’s just not the case, is it?

I’ve observed (with clients) that there are 3 core limiting beliefs that come into play (all of them UNCONSCIOUS, of course)

1) “I am not safe” “

  • If I get too skinny, I will be subjected to sexual harassment

2) “I am not rooted in my truth”

  • There is too much stress in my life and I need to create physical boundaries around my body by eating more

3. “I am not lovable”

  • Nobody will love me for who I am so what’s the point of staying slim.
  • Sugar/fat gives me instant pleasure that my partner doesn’t give me
There are multiple variations and variables of your self-sabotaging patterns, and, as I said, everything is subconscious

P.s I have also struggled with yo-yo dieting in my past, so I understand the frustration And I can attest to how liberating it is to get to the root of our issues instead of suppressing or numbing them 

Medicating with food might work for some temporarily because it numbs us out

If we beat ourselves with shame for “messing up” then of course we’ll self-sabotage 

Self-loathing, punishment, and judgment are not the pathway of healing

In fact, these will only make you more tired, anxious, and unmotivated to change

When the Critter Brain senses change, self-sabotage occurs

Your Critter Brain sounds the alarm bells and elevates the compulsion to slide back into old self-destructive habits

But usually, it leaves us still wanting MORE: more dopamine in the form of food, gaming, sex, etc…

Do you want to start feeling ENOUGH and satisfied with your life?

Email us at coaching@lunavoda.com if breaking FREE from compulsions and self-sabotage is something you WANT to create in your life.

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