The big 5-W of intuitive eating: Free Webinar

If you have ever been confused how to distinguish emotional from physical hunger, you are probably also eager to learn how to honor your hunger without over-eating.

I invite you to join my free webinar where you will learn how to practice mindful eating by learning how to be more intuitive with your hunger cues.

The webinar is approximately 60-minutes, and you will receive a LIVE demo of the NLP technique The Swish Pattern that might surprise you with its effectiveness on re-framing our perspective on food and intuitive eating.

Please note that the information I am sharing in this webinar is valued $240/h and you I am offering it to you at no cost. After registrating, you will also receive all of the materials I share in the presentation. Why am I doing it for free? Because I wish I knew all of this when I was struggling with sugar addiction and malnourishment in my early 20ties. I can guruantee that, if nothing else, you will learn information that might radically enrich your knowledge on intuitive eating and mindfulness.

In this webinar, you will learn:

✔️ The big 5-W of intuitive eating: 
What do we eat, Why do eat, When do we at, Who are we being when we eat, hoW are we eating
✔️ Practical methods for differentiating emotional from physical hunger
✔️ How To Create an Intuitive Hunger Self-Check 
✔️ Information how to avoid hidden sugars that deplete our energy 
✔️ “The 20-min” exercise for better digestion 
✔️ Experimental exercise “The Swish Method”
+ You get free downloads of all pdfs I share in the PowerPoint

Register now by clicking on the link below 👇🏻👇🏻


To your optimal emotional and physical health,


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