Holiday Special: Raw Pecan Cake

No-bake, No-fuss Recipe: Easily Converted Into Homemade Granola
Pecans, cranberries, seeds and a sugar-free chocolate cream!

*NO BAKE* Cake Recipe: Raw Vegan

This recipe is unconventional but so worth trying! Great alternative to the, often, highly processed baked goods found in most stores.

Decorate Your World (I)

Hi Interior Design Lovers, I am thinking to begin a series of lifestyle ideas how to decorate your space. Today, it is about Jewelry. The idea is very simple: you only need a knitted web (or a couple of clipped strings), few nails, and a wall. You can arrange your jewelry how you want! Simplicity…

Farmers Market Fruit Haul – How to Buy Cheaper

Fruit haul at the Farmers Market, minus the cranberry juice, for only $24! Always ask for ripe or bruised fruit, you get huge discounts! All #‎organic‬ and ‪#‎rawvegan‬ :)) And you don’t need to be neither of those to consume more fruit in your diet!:) My bigger suggestion how to get cheaper produce is to FAMILIARIZE…