Recognize Your Hunger Cues (Step-By-Step Guide)

Recognize Your Hunger Cues (Step-By-Step Guide)

Use these guidelines to learn how to honor your hunger and understand your fullness cues

If you want to build healthy habits around food, what you eat is only a tiny part of the big picture.

We also have to look at:

How do we “Honor Hunger”?

  • Tune into your internal signal that the body needs nourishment.
  • Recognize hunger – learn the signs.
  • Create an intuitive inner scale from 1-10.
    • 1 is just noticing hunger, 10 is starving
  • Start to plan for food when you are at a 2.

How do we “Honor Fullness”?

  • Create a fullness scale from 1-10.
    • 10 is stuffed, 1 is still starving
  • Aim for an 8 on the fullness scale – nourished and energized, satiated but not stuffed.

I suggest that your follow these guideline for at least 3 subsequent days and observe what happens!

~ Ana-Maria

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What Is Dance Fit Ideas

What Is Dance Fit Ideas

What is your passion?

That one thing that always comes back to you, inspires you to take action and helps you be in harmony with your inner balance and higher self?


I’ve always loved to dance, since I was four-five years old. Nevertheless, dancing, for me, is more than the activity of moving your body to (or even without) music. It’s our inner rhythm, our compass, our most natural self-expression. And it’s in all of us. Everybody is designed to move freely and be in balance with their body. 

It is unnatural to be static, sedentary and in a misalignment to our somatic intelligence and mind&body connection. The way we feel about ourselves is imprinted in our posture, poise and grace. For all genders. When one feels confident and connected to their emotions, their body directly synthesizes that cellular information and displays it through their movement.

When I started my wellness blog, I hesitated to share my story. I wasn`t sure If I should be that vulnerable online with so many people who don`t know me, and even more challenging, with those who do!

I realized, however, that my own transformational story is the very reason I “heard” and followed my calling to become a motivational speaker, writer, wellness blogger, and – as of now – a health coach. In addition, the mission of my platform is to show that vulnerability is the first critical step toward healing.

As Peter Nivio Zarlenga said, “To come to be you, you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, and a Principle. You will become what your vision is.” 

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington (from where I graduated in 2018, with a double major and honors in dance), I was first exposed to the healing properties of dance therapy, mindful eating, meditation and the practice of journaling to metacognition-enhancing prompts.

Gradually, yet steadily, my whole life transformed! I built strong confidence in myself; learned how to listen to my intuition; gained the courage to become an entrepreneur, and (most importantly) followed my passion to create a spiritual business that weaves my intrapersonal and interpersonal skills (based on my degree in International Studies and previous educational experience in Cross-Cultural Communications and Sociology), and my love for dance and mindful living.

Finally, the spiral has come to a completion and I have the privilege to create a platform that serves to encourage and inspire all of you to say “YES” to your dreams, your needs and desires.

As Joseph Campbell wisely: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.

Dancer in a split
“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo

The reason I named my brand Dance Fit Ideas is because dance symbolizes my passion for helping people be more connected to their emotional, mental and physical health.  Fitness is more than an aesthetic value. In fact, it begins with our intention to be fit, in the very idea to change, become better and feel more aligned to who we are, and who we can become once we become truly connected to our ultimate potential.

If you are looking for ways to become more empowered, more confident, more loving, more giving, more centered, more grounded, more appreciated and more successful – in all areas of your life, subscribe to my blog to receive weekly motivation and resources how to achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals.

And if you need more assistance, please consider the coaching programs that I offer.

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Lock Your Motivation To Exercise: In Few Steps

Lock Your Motivation To Exercise: In Few Steps

Not everybody has an innate necessity to exercise and I understand that.

In fact, I hear so often from people that attempt to join my classes how hard it is for them to find the motivation to find the time for it. However, those of my students who attend practice regularly tend to show up every week without hardly ever missing a class. And they are just as busy as those who don’t.

Why? Because they are committed to seeking the positive changes they experience: stronger connection to their bodies, better coordination, decreased stress, a deepening sense of calmness, positivity, and confidence.

Based on the most commons reasons I’ve collected throughout the years, in this post, I share my strategies how to overcome excuses NOT to exercise and, instead, start doing it… And sticking to it.

  1. “No Time For Exercise”

This one is understandable. I have a lot of clients who are busy mums with young children and a full-time job. However, my strong belief is that finding 30-60 minutes for exercise provides us with more energy, pathos and motivation to work on our goals, take care of our loved ones and also feel good about ourselves. Same applies to hard-working gentlemen. Finding the time not to think about work and just connect to your body and the endorphins it produces will strengthen your stamina and endurance in every other area of your professional and intimate life.

Fitness is more than aesthetics, it is a way of somatic feeling. It is in our DNA to move our lymph system and detoxify our cells with purifying sweat. Of course, too strenuous exercise impedes wellness as much as no exercise does. But you can always find a routine that is stimulating and not over-taxing on your body: yoga, dancing, swimming, and pilates are the most effective low-impact routines for your joints. If you are more advanced, you can easily implement a few hiit sessions per week that work your whole body and are very time-efficient because they usually last no more than twenty minutes.

2. “I Get Too Lazy”

First of all, I don’t quite believe people who claim that are lazy.

That’s usually a pointer for not being motivated enough to re-write the script in your head that includes a cozy couch and a TV/laptop/book/snack/any other distraction. So it is up to You to communicate to your emotional self who doesn’t like to be bothered to leave the comfort of your home and exercises. It is up to You to teach your emotional self that exercise is an activity that will make you feel better…much better than if you just sit on the couch all day and persuade yourself you are too tired or busy to go out and move. In fact, you can easily workout from home by streaming a class or playing a video on youtube.

In those situations, it is You Versus You. Proving to yourself that you can be your own motivator is a skill that you can translate in everything else you do. I find it also helps to mark your workout routines on your calendar or, even better, create an alarm that buzzes off a few hours prior to your class. It may not work immediately but your brain will start to accumulate the input that you are supposed to be doing it. Until, eventually, it forms a habit in you and becomes second nature.

Granted, on those days when you’ve had too little sleep, too much work and not enough energy (or you are sick) –  of course, it is best to listen to your body and rest. However, I personally find that a gentle stretching routine (or a meditation) brings more energy into my body and I feel more centered and less fatigued.

3. “I Am Too Un-Coordinated/Self-Conscious”

First of all, coordination, aerobic endurance and flexibility are learned and cultivated with practice and you don’t have to be a professional athlete (or dancer)  in order to start working out. In fact, many of the most popular fitness influencers proudly share their stories of having been over/under-weight (or just not into fitness at all) before they fell in love with it and made it their job.

Think of babies. They are never self-conscious of being silly. They just wiggle to music and often joyously laugh if they fall on the ground. Unfortunately we, adults, tend to lose that genuine enjoyment from exploring new things and laughing at ourselves when we fail. 

In my work, I teach different classes and most of them include dance or some sort of rhythmic movement. There are always people who get discouraged from not getting the patterns immediately and, thus, giving up. But those of my attendees who allow themselves to feel awkward in the beginning quickly make rapid progress and soon enough praise my classes for the challenge it gives them and the skills they develop with every class.

Don’t be afraid to start doing new things: in fitness and in general. If you don’t like group classes and prefer to workout alone in the gym but have no idea where to start – hire a trainer or go online and search for free workout plans. Whatever your choice of exercise is – commit to it and give your body time to adjust.  It takes twenty-one days for us to cultivate a new habit.


If your new yea`s resolution is to exercising more - don't look for motivation. It is not to be found, it is to be created. And employed.
If you live in Seattle come join my classes!

I would love to hear from you! Are you a fitness regular or a fitness on-and-off type of exerciser? Comment below. 


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Fortify Your Smoothie Bowl in 7 steps

Fortify Your Smoothie Bowl in 7 steps


Fortify your #smoothiebowl in seven steps: 🍏🥒🔅🎨🎾
1) Add greens (I used lettuce, one large zucchini, celery)🔰🚣🏼🏅
2) Use fibrous vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits for your base (Here I have two medium beets, one tiny green apple and a cup of frozen blueberries.) 🔮⛹🏽‍♀️🍇
3) Don’t forget to add protein (I used two tablespoons of hemp protein and a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds: also very rich in Zinc and Magnesium 😉💪🏼🖕
4) Improve your brain function with seed sources of #omega3 (I used flax seeds) 🤴🏻
5) Upscale your daily #selenium intake with (one to two Brazil nuts provide you with more than your basal daily needs )
6) Supersize the nutritional value with #superfoods (though optional!).
I used matcha and maca powder. 💛🍀😎

In addition to consuming greens in their unprocessed form, I also recommend using a green powder that you can add to your smoothies.
This is the best brand I have found so far and it actually tastes great!

Green Powder For Shakes And Smoothies

You can use my link for orders and get a free shipping.

7) Spice it up! 🖕A dash of cinnamon regulates your Insulin levels and cumin assist digestion (I use them interchangeably in my smoothies). 😊


Voila! 🏹7 steps to a super potent and energizing breakfast/lunch! 🏃🏽‍♀️

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Pasta-Free Pasta

Pasta-Free Pasta
Disclaimer: this is an alternative approach to cooking spaghetti:))

Have you ever craved a pasta-meal that doesn’t leave you overly stuffed or bloated?

If you are familiar with the  “zoodles”  terminology, you already know what to expect in this post.

If you haven’t, then please continue reading to learn how to prepare them. It is actually very easy and doesn’t require a lot of time investment.

Ideally, you need a spiralizer or a basic spiral slicer.

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For the “pasta” you would need 2-3 big zucchini or cucumbers.

The dressing I recommend must consists of a proportioned ration of healthy fats, herbs, fruit and lemon/lime juice (or apple cider vinegar). The simplest would be to stir two tablespoons of tahini with lemon juice, vinegar and water until it gets creamy. It is very versatile in you can mold into any variation you would like. You can also prepare it without the fruit if you lean towards more savory foods.

These are my favorite combinations:

  • Half to a medium avocado, basil, one medium orange, mango or two/three small tangerines, cup of cherry tomatoes, oregano, lime juice, paprika (or chili flakes), a pinch of Himalayan salt.
  • A tablespoon of tahini  (or two tablespoons of hemp seeds), few celery sticks, piece of ginger, two teaspoons of  Bregg’s aminos, lemon juice, dash of turmeric or curry powder, oregano, onion flakes. Optional: nutritional yeast (rich in vitamin B complex and protein) and dulse (algae rich in Iodine that gives a salty flavour).
  • Two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds (or hemp seeds; or a half-half of the both), one small orange, two medjool dates, lemon juice, cumin, dill, basil.


By no means am I saying that pasta is unhealthy; just the opposite – complex carbohydrates can be a great fuel for your body if your body tolerates carbs well. I personally feel my best eating a predominantly raw diet that consists of a lot of vegetables and healthy fats, and some fruit.

If you are looking for a low-carb, yet delicious and satisfying dinner/lunch, zucchini noodles are for you!

Hope you enjoy those recipes and please remember that you can always adapt the listed ingredients to your taste and cupboard availability. 

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Eat In Abundance: Quick Guide

Eat In Abundance: Quick Guide

Whether you want to add more color to your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, upper your fiber, feel more energized and vibrant – I think we all need to consume more plant-based foods!

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Here is my recommended grocery list for you.  You can browse recipes on my blog.


  1. Fruits
  • Bananas (Great for snacks and smoothie staples)
  • Berries (Fresh or Frozen: rich in antioxidants and very low in calories. You can eat them in smoothies, on your oatmeal, in a chia seed pudding, on their own).
  • Grapes (One cup equals only 70 calories. Grapes are hydrating and very sweet – very handy to satisfy your sweet tooth)
  • Apples (Rich in fiber and vitamins B. Eat them alone or add them to your oatmeal. You can sprinkle cinnamon on top if you would like; cinnamon naturally balances your insulin)
  • Lemons and Limes (Very detoxifying. I recommend you drink a glass of water with a freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice first thing in the morning. It curbs cravings and speeds your digestion!)

2. Vegetables

  • For smoothies, I recommend spinach or kale. For salads, I recommend lettuce or mixed greens (chopped arugula and kale)
  • Zucchini, Celery and Cucumbers (You can add them to smoothies, to your salad or dip them in hummus)
  • Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli (I recommend you steam them for a few minutes and add them to your dinner. The fiber in those vegetables will keep you full and nourished due to their protein content.
  • Mushrooms (Not only rich in protein and even vitamin D but also very low in calorie, mushrooms are your best friend while dieting or trying to eat healthily. You can even eat them raw. I recommend you marinating them in coconut aminos for 5-10 minutes for extra flavor. I love spicing them with black pepper, garlic and balsamic vinegar.)
  • Tomatoes (Sweet and rich in lycopene, a cancer-preventative phytonutrient, tomatoes are great to add in salads or eat on their own as a pick-me-up snack. Just remember to stay away from processed dressing – very HIGH in saturated oil, sugars, and sodium! I recommend you using balsamic vinegar, Himalayan salt or coconut aminos and spices to flavor your salad)

3. Seeds

  • My number one choice is Chia, Flax and Hemp seeds: rich in omega 3, and high in fiber and protein
  • For a dressing I like using pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds (they all contain your daily source of magnesium, selenium and calcium and, taste-wise, give a great creamy texture to your meal)

4. Grains

  • Oatmeal, Quinoa and Buckwheat (Great choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner and very easy to prepare)

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Hi friends,

In today`s post I will share my tips how to soak chia seeds for optimal absorption and health benefits: whether you want to lose weight or simply add more fiber and omega 3 to your meal.

First, what are chia seeds and why they are so versatile? They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, magnesium and also protein! (3 grams per tablespoon)


You can sprinkle them on your meals or add them to your smoothie. Ideally,  you need to soak them in water (or in a non-diary milk, if preferred) for at least ten minutes. The seeds form a gel that amplifies their size in triple which makes chia seeds very filling and beneficial for your digestion.

Easy breakfast/midday snack recipe with chia seeds:

Chia Pudding

Soak four table spoons of chia seeds in a jar for at least twenty minutes with a glass of unsweetened almond or coconut water, a dropfull of stevia (natural sweetener), a dash of cinnamon, blueberries. You can blend it or eat as a pudding.

Chia Oats

You can also mix a half of a cup of oats with the chia seeds and one small banana. I promise you this recipe will keep you full four hour because of the rich fiber content.

Chia Smoothie

An easy post-workout fuel! Chia seeds, greens, one frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk (or just water).