Sugar-free “White Chocolate” Swap

If you want  to create the illusion of  “white chocolate” on your smoothie, try this trick!

Use chopped cauliflower (known as cauliflower rice)

Cauliflower rice is very bland in flavor and will blend into the sweetness of your smoothie – giving the “illusion” that you are eating chocolate!

You need 2 ripe bananas (preferably frozen as they get more gooey and sweet when blended), a teaspoon of spirulina and a cup of blueberries (to create the dark color), two medjol dates (if you like it sweeter), a dash of cinnamon (its properties regulate blood sugar), a tablespoon of cacao powder and few soaked cashews (for creaminess) ☀️.

Process few cauliflower heads until they form crumbs and sprinkle them on top. You can also cut them in pieces manually or, if you live in the states, buy them prepackaged from Trader Joes or Whole Foods 😚

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Voila! ☕️Top it with maca powder and cacao nibs and you are set to go!

P.s if the cauliflower is too extravagant for you (although do not bash it before you try it! ), you may also grind macadamia nuts (be aware of the increased fat content though.  📮Nuts are very healthy for you but you only need a small amount, remember that they are very dense in calories 😉

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