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 Being in the high-tech community for 25 years has its tow. The culture is that you are solving hard challenges in competition with the smartest people around the world. It is so easy to start feeling “not enough” or only as good enough as the latest problem you were able to solve. At the same time, relationships take a backstage and begin to suffer. It becomes harder and harder to genuinely connect with people and enjoy life. This is where Ana-Maria’s classes become life-changing. She is very intuitive, quickly gets to the root of the issues, explains them to the mind, engages your heart, and gently guides you back to feeling alive. I feel so fortunate for her to be my life coach and to be able to participate in her seminars. Every high-tech worker needs something like this!

Ana-Maria weaves the knowledge of the ages in spirituality with personal development. Her methods are gentle yet highly effective, and her tools are unconventional and ground-breaking. Working with her has been a highly transformative process that has led me to another level of mind, body & spirit integration. I love her work!

This is the best investment I`ve made in my life so far – investing in myself and my well-being.

I have been working with Ana-Maria for six months now, and I am really proud of the progress I have made. I am not only seeing the difference, but I am feeling the difference.

In the last three months, I underwent some of the worst events in my life, and I am not sure how I would have coped without the meditations, affirmations, and emotional support I received from Ana-Maria.

With her guidance, I was able to reach a place of emotional neutrality that helped me transform my emotions and feelings into a force that helped me propel myself forward and upward on my road to recovery and becoming my best self. My progress has been so tangible that it motivates me to work even harder and even more diligently if at all possible.

 ~ P. S. (A client from The Life Purpose Program)

I feel so great. My skin is glowing…I feel happy, energized, and confident. I eat anti-inflammatory and anti-aging foods, and I feel and I look younger. I love working with A-M, getting weekly assignments, and experimenting with different foods, and seeing what works for my body.

I also like that`s is not a race and not a competition. It`s totally working. Everyone is commenting on how good I look. I feel so much better about my self-esteem. It is very important to work with a coach because you keep yourself accountable…learning how to eat, what to eat, and implanting positive seeds in your brain. 

I highly recommend it to everybody! It`s the perfect package: getting all the information I need, the motivation, and the support. I absolutely recommend Ana-Maria to everybody! I am so glad she is in my life.

It is PRICE-LESS. It`s the best investment you can do in your life. You are changing your habits forever. 

~ K. B (A client from The 12 Weeks Energy Regenerator Program)

Thank you, Ana-Maria, for your patience and understanding. I recognize that being healthy is about more than just food, it includes stress issues and exercise. I expected to go through some changes with my body, and I expected that some changes might be hard to handle, but you helped me through it all with new techniques I had not heard of before, which made the changes easier and the results are terrific.

Already I am healthier and stronger than I have been in quite a while. 

~ G. R. (A Client From The Total 90-Day Transformation)

I have been more than thrilled about my experience with Ana-Maria!

I am really impressed with her customized and agile approach to wellness and life coaching. The progress that I accomplished in the first two months of collaborating with her is phenomenal, both physically and emotionally.

The results came so fast and are so tangible that my motivation to get to the best version of myself is growing by the hour.

I can`t wait to see how far she will help me to get in my journey of discovering my true self and being the best version of myself that I could ever be! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ana-Maria! 

~ P.S. (A client from The Confidence Builder)

Dear Ana-Maria, I want to thank you for sticking with me to help me shed over 25 pounds!

You helped me change my diet for the better. Previously, I was afraid of food. You taught me about foods that I had never heard of before. You taught me how to “eat my greens” and really like it. You taught me quick, easy meals, and some of them are portable…We also worked on my mental “baggage.

There were issues from my childhood that were still weighing me down with fear and self-doubt.

The affirmations you sent to me were wonderful, for 2 reasons: (1) because it was obvious that you really heard me, and (2) because addressing my issues as they came up over the months, you helped me teach my brain how to set these things aside in appropriate ways through the affirmations and meditations of the week…

I feel great. Now that I have less weight to move around I move around much more easily.

The little aches and pains that are usually attributed to getting older are a non-issue. I am dancing more, I am walking more, I am enjoying my life more...Issues that used to get me down or make me angry no longer tun my life. I don` t dwell on them like I used to. They no longer hold power over me.

~ V. R. (A Client from The Total 90-Day Transformation)

My biggest accomplishment from the last six months is doing things I have always wanted to do. With Ana-Maria ` s guidance, I perfected the goals I`ve wanted to achieve my entire life. She has a lot of knowledge and she is an excellent teacher and also very kind. She genuinely wants her clients to be THEIR BEST. 

~ K. B. (A client from The Life Purpose Program)

Ana-Maria has helped me to find my energetic centers and to use that force to bring heightened awareness and sensation to my body and to my connection to others.

It`s been a pleasure working with her to find even deeper levels of openness and acceptance for where my center lies at any given moment.

~ P.M. (A client from The Intimacy Builder Program)

By working with Ana-Maria, my partner and I have learned how to communicate more effectively, deepen our intimacy, and nurture and appreciate each other in new ways…every couple needs this!

~ Clients From My Couple Coaching

After completing Ana-Maria`s 12-week program on intimacy coaching, we became better partners. The results are phenomenal!

We recommend her to every one of our friends who wants to deepen their relationship!

~ Clients From My Couple Coaching

Ana-Maria is an excellent life coach, whose passion for helping individuals become their best is obvious. Not only was her workshop done in a highly professional way and provided insights into how to build unshakable confidence, but was also fun, allowing dance breaks! Her workshop really did evoke a lot of aha moments, without allowing a moment of dullness. Alongside shedding light on new concepts and perspectives, Ana-Maria also gave us the opportunity to participate in group discussions. Highly recommend!

~ T.M. (Participant In The Confidence Builder Group Coaching Workshop)

This was my second workshop with LunaVoda coaching lead by Ana-Maria.

There was so much positive help and guidance in a small time-frame, I loved the intensity. Ana-Maria is not only a bubbly, positive-spirited woman who will guide you to a better you, but a deeply intensive scholar who is highly educated and extremely knowledgeable.

The materials that accompanied the workshop arrived several days in advance and allowed me to attend prepared and ready.

~ P.K. (Participant In The Smart Goal Setting Group Coaching Workshop)

The beneficial rewards from attending are already manifesting in my life and I am looking forward to LunaVoda’s next offering. Very Inspirational Workshop!

Using my newfound skills and tools Ana-Marie has once again provided me, I now feel I have all the necessary confidence to conquer my goals.  

~ K.B. (Participant In The Smart Goal Setting Group Coaching Workshop)

Each of her workshops builds on similar themes and the layers of positive reinforcement have created a basis for change in my life. Focusing on my relationship with food and how it affects mental and physical health, the workshop allowed me to see where I need to change and what I can maintain in my daily eating habits.  I was inspired to start eating better the evening of the workshop.

~ P. O. (Regular Participant From My Group Coaching Events )

Another thing that I really enjoy about Ana-Maria’s class is that the content is always evolving and changing. We are continually challenged physically, which keeps the classes fun and engaging so that they don’t become repetitive.
I wish Ana-Maria every success with her business and brand as she scales to a wider client base. ~ C.V.
After a work-out with Ana María, I feel total rejuvenation. She helps us stretch and work every muscle in the body. She helps us to challenge ourselves physically and mentally in a positive way. I often start class feeling tight and in pain from arthritis and, after class, I come out feeling I can take on any challenge of the day. I love her workouts. ~ C. M.
Ana-Maria is a creative soul and great motivator. She is always there for you to show you new techniques, provide guidance with caring and positive vibe. And all that is a life-changing experience. I found the path to body and mind harmony, thanks to you, Ana-Maria. Please never stop creating and inspiring. ~ R. G
Ana-Maria truly knows her craft and is truly passionate about helping you get in better shape. She’s amazing! ~ I. M. 
Ana-Maria is just awesome, full of energy and definitely, she knows what she is doing. ~ S. N. 
I didn’t realize how stiff I was until I tried your class. That was a fun workout! It helped me destress and take myself more seriously. – N.L.
Ana-Maria’s class is simultaneously challenging and transformative: her classes teach me how to find balance in my life and in my body. Each class begins by setting an intention, a metaphor to consider while we do strengthening and flexibility building exercises.
She gives us guidance and words of encouragement and empowerment throughout the class and then we end with a guided meditation which imparts stillness and deep relaxation. It’s like dance therapy!…I recommend her classes to everyone, especially those seeking personal reintegration. ~ C. B.
Ana-Maria is a wonderful coach, full of energy and passion for her work. Each class leaves me with a feeling of satisfaction, joy, and peace. ~ D.A.
Ana-Maria` s classes have the right synergy of smile, sassiness, and sweat! I highly appreciate all the behind-the-scenes effort she puts into each class: crafting the music playlist, the dance moves and the definite abs workout!!
In addition to being an amazing instructor who cracks jokes all the time, she is an inspiration.
She ends her class with a few minutes of mindfulness which is pretty transformative. I drop everything to attend her classes – speaks volumes to how fulfilling they are. – U.S. 


If you are on a crossroad, not knowing where to go next, I can help!

You will have improved your eating habits, effortlessly shed some of the stubborn weight, and increased energy

You will have reconnected to your body`s innate wisdom and divine feminine power

You will have either found a high-value partner or built a deeper connection to your current relationship

You will have built unshakable confidence in yourself and set goals that you used to see as impossible

You will have most likely increased your income doing what you love

You will have certainly felt more attuned to your true calling and Life Purpose

Is this a vision you would like to realize?

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