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How did your parents’ relationship influence your relationships and communication style?

As Nietzsche once said,

Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.

Do you abruptly withdraw from a relationship as soon as you get too close to someone to protect yourself from being abandoned or hurt (again)?

Do you develop an unhealthy obsession to take care of others to feel needed at the expense of your own needs? 

Do you often feel torn between craving change and relapsing back to old patterns that lead to self-doubt or self-criticism?

You must first understand your inner child archetype and release the emotional triggers holding you back. 

You Are Healing From a Wounded Child Archetype If:

  • You store conscious or suppressed memories of an abusive or emotionally difficult childhood with episodes of physical or emotional trauma.
  • You are currently attracting opportunities to heal yourself so you can heal and awaken others.
  • When unhealed, the WCA usually struggles with depression, self-criticism or self-deprecation and craves external validation to feel worthy and loved
  • When healed, the WCA is balanced and whole and holds deep compassion for others without self-sacrificing or needing external validation.
  • Typically, their perspective switches to forgiveness and empathy as they dedicate their lives to helping other people heal (* this archetype is very common among spiritual teachers, thought leaders, therapists, counselors, etc.)
  • When triggered, the WCA might hold on to unresolved anger or deep pain, feel isolated and alienated from others, or keep attracting wounded relationships that trigger their own wounds.
wounded inner child
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You Are Healing From an Abandoned Child Archetype if:

  • You have always felt self-sufficient to the point of being too independent and unable to be in a committed relationship. 
  • You might have been raised as a loner or felt unwanted by your parents 
  • When unhealed, the ACA can trigger the martyrdom response and continue feeling like a victim of their upbringing; unwilling to receive help or change their perspective
  • When healed, the ACA can detach themselves from people who remind them of their parents and create inter-dependent and collaborative relationships with others
  • Typically, their perspective switches to one of forgiveness and compassion as they forgive their parents and take full responsibility for their own choices
  • When triggered,  the ACA usually withdraws quickly from relationships that become closely intimate and is unable to get behind the wheel of their life choices
abandoned inner child archetype
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You Are Healing From an Eternal Child Archetype If:

  • You have always been very dream-focused, detached from reality to the point of living in a La-La Land and lacking the motivation to turn dreams into clear action steps.
  • You might have been raised to believe that your parents will only reward you if you are a “good” son or daughter and will be punished if you misbehave or break the rules (resulting in people-pleasing patterns growing up)
  • When unhealed, the ECA is constantly on the look for fun and exciting activities that can feel the void or lack of intrinsic validation, and often being unreliable or talking yourself out of what you truly want because it feels too `adult-like
  • When healed, the ECA maintain their youthfulness and curiosity while building the discipline to follow through with an action plan and re-parent their inner child.
  • Typically, their perspective switches from wanting to please others to feel loved to loving others through setting healthier boundaries. 
  • When triggered, the ECA overly explains themselves or seeks confirmation from people who have overstepped their boundaries. 
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You Are Healing From a Nature Child Archetype if:

  • You have always had a profound emotional connection with plants, science, animals, and the natural world, and you might have dreamed of animal spirit guides growing up or have always thought of your pet (s) as your best friend.
  • You might have felt slightly awkward speaking in public in school or have dealt with social anxiety later on in life, or you might have felt that a strong sense of identity or personal power was absent from your life.
  • When healed, the NCA can balance the trust and unconditional love they feel for their pets or nature with trust for other people and communities. 
  • Typically, their perspective switches from feeling like an outcast to finding their tribe and allowing themselves to be seen and heard. 
  • When triggered, the NCA might self-isolate from others or have difficulty making new connections or stepping outside your comfort zone.
Do you want to get to the root of your triggers instead of masking them with superfial fixes? I can help!

We create beliefs based on our experiences

Unless you create empowering experiences for yourself, you will likely stay stuck with limiting beliefs

The more empowering beliefs you have, the more positive experiences you will continue to attract

It` is normal to resonate with more than one archetype.

Self-compassion is the fastest path to healing.

Love is the key that unlocks all healing

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