Need Help Releasing These Last 15 Pounds? I can help you.

When it comes to stubborn weight that does not want to go away, regardless of what or how much we eat, there is an underlying reason that prevents your body from releasing the stored fat deposits.

Yes, it is very likely that you have lost few pounds with exercise and a caloric deficit in the past, but were you able to keep it off? No. And that`s why you`re here. And I honor you for showing up for yourself with curiosity and not judgment. 

There are other – just as important – reasons we experience abdominal discomfort, slow metabolism, bloating, sluggishness and stubborn belly fat that doesn`t want to go away.

Psychologically, stored excessive weight contains our stored personal power.

From a more functional and holistic standpoint: 

  • Stored fat is available energy for creativity that hasn`t been utilized
  • It is potential energy for self-expression that has not been expressed
  • It is un-claimed power for claiming your gifts, successes, high energy and confidence
  • It is life process put on hold: whether is trapped emotions, “undigested” past experiences, undelivered communication, re-occurring fear or haunting guilt

In order to arrive and maintain at your optimal weight, and keep it off, I will help you to uncover what’s been stopping you from achieving your goals in the past.

With my guidance you will  discover which foods and lifestyle habits are getting in a way with your optimal wellness, learn how to manage your stress levels, find outlets for self-expression and mindfulness, and, most importantly,  remain committed to your new habits until they manifest into your new reality!:)

Your ideal weight is waiting to be released! It only needs your permission.

The 90-Day Transformation Program Break-Through 

1. Know Thyself: Build more self-awareness how to recognize and interpret the signals of the body that cause you to feel satisfied (physically, emotionally and spiritually)

2. First Steps: Learn how to recognize your sabotaging patterns and employ proven techniques for managing stress and avoiding falling into old, deconstructive, habits

3. Growth: Step into your personal power needed to help you release the stubborn fat and feel confident in your skin: from the inside out! 

4. Graduation: Attain new baseline that is the foundation of your life-changing, sustainable, physical and emotional transformation.

Upon completion, you will achieve 3 major outcomes:

1) Finding out which foods are optimal for your ideal weight

2) Managing your stress levels and feeling more energized

3) Creating new empowering habits that become ingrained in your subconscious mind!

It is your time to feel confident, alive and energized! 

I honor you for taking this step and am looking forward to supporting you on your journey towards self-awareness and liberation from deconstructive habits.

~ With love and care,


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What Others Say

Dear Ana-Maria, I want to thank you for sticking with me to help me shed over 25 pounds! You helped me change my diet for the better. Previously, I was afraid of food. You taught me about foods that I had never heard of before. You taught me how to “eat my greens” and really like it. You taught me quick, easy meals and some of them are portable…We also worked on my mental “baggage.” There were issues from my childhood that were still weighing me down with fear and self-doubt. The affirmations you sent to me were wonderful, for 2 reasons: (1) because it was obvious that you really heard me, and (2) because addressing my issues as they came up over the months, you helped me teach my brain how to set these things aside in appropriate wats through the affirmations and meditaions of the week…I feel great. Now that I have less weight to move around I move around much more easily. The little aches and pains that are usually attributed to getting older are a non-issue. I am dancing more, I am walking more, I am enjoying my life more…Issues that used to get me down or make me angry no longer tun my life. I don`t dwell on them like I used to. They no longer hold power over me. – V. R. 

By releasing the excessive weight, we release the control, and let go of all limiting thoughts and beliefs we have been storing in our cellular memory.

In our work together, you will be guided what, how and when to eat: each step on the way.

Eating vibrant foods should never be boring or taste dull.

It is your time to look & feel great!


Health coaches trained by the Health Coach Institute achieve “habit change” via coaching and do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. Your health coach is happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your wellbeing.

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