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My name is Ana-Maria

I am the founder and CEO of Luna Voda Coaching

  • Certified Health & Life Coach with ten years of experience in the wellness industry as a dance-fitness instructor and meditation practitioner 
  • Mastery in Transformational Coaching with a focus on overcoming childhood trauma, and permanently rewiring limiting beliefs, patterns, and self-doubt on an unconscious level through NLP 
  • Academic experience in the fields of Sociology (New Bulgarian University), Cross-Cultural Communications, Behavioral Psychology 
  • Double Major In International Studies and Dance (With Honors) – University of Washington
  • Creator of a signature coaching method that provides tangible results even to clients who haven`t received success with conventional therapy 
  • Built a successful business from scratch from zero to six figures (during the pandemic)
  • Conducted research in the following studies:
    • The importance of community for the fulfillment of our human need for belonging (duration, 3 months; studied the Bulgarian community in Seattle)
    • How couples from Slavic and Anglo-Saxon cultural backgrounds understand the meaning of anger, love & commitment (duration, 3 months; interviewed people from individualistic and collectivistic societies)
    • The socioeconomic aftermath of marriage as an institution (duration, 3 months; reviewed academic literature)
    • What does our body language “tell” us about our childhood trauma and confidence (duration, 12 months; approved by the Human Subjects in Seattle and presented at The Annual Research Symposium At The University of Washington)

In the past four years,

I have helped clients to attain their ideal weight without restriction, double their energy, build high-performance habits, build unshakable confidence, manifest their dream partner/or improve their current relationships, discover their life purpose, and create their own success stories!

With my method, you CAN have it all!

Why settle for less than what you truly deserve and desire?

Life is too short to spend it living in self-denial or in self-sabotage.

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