Raw Carrot Cake (Nuts-Free)

In this post I show you how to prepare a raw carrot cake with few ingredients and no nuts (allergen-free recipe) 🍅🍅🍑🍌


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What You Need:

• Three large carrots
• Two persimmons (or, second best, pears)
• Few dates (if you like it sweeter)
• 1/2 ripe banana
• Two tablespoons of mulberries

• A teaspoon of cacao and carob powder
• A splash of almond milk
• A dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
• A pinch of Himalayan salt
• Two tablespoons of coconut flour

*For extra protein you can add a scoop of protein. I use @1stphorm‘s chocolate flavored one.


1) First, in a food processor gently press the mulberries (no liquid!) until they form a thick paste. Combine with the spices and the cacao.

2) Separately, blend the rest of the ingredients with the carob powder and the almond milk.

3) Let it sit in the fridge for an least and hour and enjoy with love! 💥

Voila! An easy, healthy and delicious raw carrot cake. No fuss to make and also very nutritious!

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