Quick homemade salad dressings

There is an assumption that raw food tastes plain but when you try those rich and delicious dressing I am sure you will find this common misconception to be completely false.:)

I offer you three different recipes: an anti-inflamatory one, an antioxidant one and a cleansing one.

THE Flu-Buster

This one is perfect if you are fighting a cold or simply if you want something creamy and spicy.  Blend a handful of basil with two small tangerines, a cup of cherry tomatoes and one whole peeled lime (or lemon), dash of Turmeric and Cayenne pepper (anti-bacterial and strengthening) and a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.

If you want to make it even more hearty and delicious, add a tablespoon of Tahini.

THE Blood-Cleansing one

The secret ingredient in this recipe is beets. They are known to cleanse the blood of impurities and to build physical endurance in your system.

For this dressing I used the leftovers of a dip I made for a party the night before and I recommend using this recipe as a separate dish as well. The guests enjoyed it!

Blend two cups of chopped beats with 4 small plums, a tablespoon of chia seeds (which would make the consistency creamer and puffy), a tablespoon of Bragg’s Aminos (or a pinch of Himalayan salt) and a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar.

I topped the salad with blueberries, broccoli, a teaspoon of sesame seeds and some spiralized zucchini.

THE Colon Cleanser

As you perhaps already noticed, watermelon is one of the most water-rich fruits. Not only that, its cleansing properties aid your colon to flush clogged waste and toxins. Because it digests so fast, to prevent bloating and fermentation in the stomach,  I generally recommend eating watermelon alone or only with greens because they are very alkalizing for the body as well.

When eaten with greens fruits sugars are released gradually into the blood system which keeps the Insulin levels stable and makes you feel satiated for much longer.

This dressing is very simple: blend basil (or mint) with one medium cucumber and lime juice. I included an oz of huckleberries because I had them in my fridge but they are optional. Winter time, you can use cranberries.

Enjoy and stay healthy!



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