Why You Need a Growth Mindset To Build Perseverence Amidsts a Global Cricis

I hope this post serves to inspire you that COVID 19 is not the end; it CAN be the beginning of a mind-blowing personal transformation:

But only if you manage your time effectively, invest time and intention, and believe in yourself, even if other people don’t…

I am only sharing this list to inspire you to dream BIG and set high goals for yourself…

A summary of what I set goals to accomplish in the past three months:

  • Coaching one-on-one clients full-time (which means providing customized assignments/sessions, and undivided personal attention, to each one of them, and on-going text and email support)
  • Launched my streaming platform with unique classes that you can’t find anywhere else (like the Balkan Dance-Fit one, and Limber&Graceful at Home feat. Classical and Hop&Hop music)
  • Have been creating and filming brand new workouts every week (6 days per week!)
  • Taught myself how to create a recipe e-book and released it (with good reviews!:))
  • Ate super healthy because it gives me energy and boosts my performance, recovery, memory, sleep, and focus
  • Ran my own marketing and customer service (and the graphic design you see on my posts)
  • Offered monthly webinars for free as my attempt to nurture the communal energy online
  • Maintained regular posting schedule on my blog and email list with the core intention to spread positivity and self-awareness about physical, emotional and mental health
  • Completed and launched The Life Purpose 6-Month Intensive, which is the most comprehensive program I’ve ever done so far (and I feel quite proud of!)
  • Started posting weekly LIVE videos despite having an accent and feeling self-conscious about it (yes, we all have our mild insecurities!=)))
  • Continued investing time and resources in my education (Hence my motto, “the more knowledgeable you are, the more valuable you are to the market place”)
  • Have been reading at least one business-related book per week
  • Worked 14-16h/day on most days (and at least a couple of hours on the weekends)
  • Woke up early to be able to take time off for my daily walks in nature/self-care “me” time
  • Had abundant energy to last me all day because of my passion for what I do
  • Still managed to prioritize my romantic relationship and to deepen our emotional intimacy and quality time together
  • I dedicated my entire attention to bettering myself and helping my audience/clients do the same

Don’t let excuses take over your mind….

You are powerful beyond any limitations.

You are valuable!

You are worthy of your own time and investment!

With my most sincere appreciation and respect,


I see you, I believe in you, I hope this post motivates you!

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