Peace Begins With Surrender

I heard this affirmation in one of Deepak Chopra`s speeches, and it instantly sunk into my mind as an imperative of how I shall choose to act in my daily endeavors.  


I find that a more effective way to approach uncertainty and disappointment is by allowing the events of our discontent to unfold without our interference.

It is when we surrender to life that Life happens. We can never gauge what the future holds for us from a place of fear and aggression. The future is a direct result of our actions today. If we choose to live in a state of peace and kindness, we will attract reciprocity of those emotions. But if we dwell in self-pity and anxiousness, we will automatically “subscribe” to more unpleasantries and dissatisfaction.

So let us not oppose anything that happens to us – beginning with #Today. And it can be anything of the following:

  • waking up later than what we demanded from our bodies
  • experiencing sabotaging thoughts and harsh self-talk
  • wishing things were different than they were
  • avoiding the responsibility for owning our power to accept 

Instead, let us focus on reversing those attitudes and embracing the reality-of-everything-we-cannot-longer-change with kinder thoughts, compassion, and complete acceptance:

  • accepting what our physical body requires today to recover and be healthy
  • accepting our relapse to judgment and negativity and kindly letting go of those thoughts
  • accepting things exactly as they are and moving on
  • accepting our responsibility for owing our power to accept and shift our mindset

We tend to worry the most for the things that we can control the least: unexpected expenses, changes of relationship status, cold weather when we are on vacation, etc… And those are exactly the kind of opportunities I believe we must dedicate to learning how to trust more and surrender to the unknown with a firm belief it is for our ultimate benefit.

In my experience, the sooner I release the control grip and loosen up the tension, I quickly gain a fresh perspective and motivation to deal with the reluctance to find the wisdom (and the lesson) amidst the undesirable circumstances I am experiencing.

Yet, we can worry all we want but things as just they are. And we can either adapt to their ebb and flow or be 

drawn in misery and chronic worry.

So let us oppose nothing that happens (to us) today. 

~ With love,






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