What To Do If You Want To Attain Your Ideal Weight Without Restricting Yourself

Did you know that 98% of the people who use diets to shed the extra weight put if back on, plus some?

Restriction doesn`t create lasting results….it only exacerbates your appetite for sweets.

The combo of sugar and fat triggers signals to your brain to over-eat.

This is just science, my friends…and I know many of you LOVE SCIENCE.

Do you know WHAT WORKS?

Discovering what types of foods give you energy, what types of foods take this energy away, and re-wiring your brain to stop sabotaging your intentions to be healthy

FYI, you can still enjoy your favorite foods AND be at your IDEAL WEIGHT.

My clients have done, I have done it, you can do it too.

Relying on willpower to shed weight can only get you through a week or two of dieting before you cave into the type of cravings that have always overruled your positive intentions to be healthy.

Let me reassure you that I have helped women just like to shed more than twenty five pounds and keep it off, and I am an expert coach of habit change and deep transformation trained in helping people to achieve lasting results.

First, let me ask….Have you ever said to yourself, “I gain weight just by smelling a cake“?

Unfortunately, the essence of this thought becomes your identity.

If you believe that you gain weight easily, or can`t be fit, or it is vain to want to be at your ideal weight or take care of yourself…you will consistently keep sabotaging yourself from achieving it.

The subconscious mind always listens to our thoughts and matches them with their replicative behavior.

If you think that you can never be healthy or eat healthy, or be confident, or not crave sugar, or having to deprive yourself of your favorite foods = this is exactly what you will keep experiencing.

The opposite is true as well.

You can attain your ideal weight (and maintain it!) by changing your mindset around food, your body and your self-worth.

Imagine a life where you wake up excited and full of abundant energy, ready to seize the day, have energy to exercise, be present in your relationships, stop feeling guilty for needing self-care and even improve your intimacy because you start to look and feel more connected to your body?

Doesn`t this sound exhilarating and wonderful? If, so, please keep reading…

You can attain your ideal weight, AND enjoy your favorite foods.

In my work, it is not “either”, “or.” It is BOTH, and MORE...

The great news is that how we do one thing is how we do everything.

Simply by changing your eating habits, you learn how to honor yourself, love yourself, and empower yourself.

Interested in learning more? Let`s talk.

You will never have to diet again after this program.

You can change your habits forever.

If what I describe in this post strings a cord with you, please reach out. Your discovery call is free.

By changing your thoughts, you change your behavior so that you can finally find freedom to live a life that makes you feel energized, youthful and confident.

In my coaching approach, we explore challenges as an opportunity for Growth: in all Big 5 areas of life: Career, Money, Spirituality, Relationships, and Health  (not just physical but also emotional and mental).

Even just by focusing on your goal at a time, you will start to experience a positive shift in all aspects of your wellbeing.

If you decide to invest in your health, energy and confidence… within 90 days you`d experience benefits such as:

✓ Wake up feeling less stressed & feeling well-rested; vibrant.

✓ You know what foods/activities give you high-energy. 

✓ You stay consistent and accountable to keep making tangible progress forward. 

✓ You feel confident in your worthiness of self-care and balance between work and play

✓ You are co-creating an AMAZING relationship with yourself (and friends) that keeps getting better all the time. 

✓ You create space for love and intimacy/time for building new relationships. 

✓ You feel more appreciated (internally!) and, thus, less anxious at work.

✓ Work boundaries are clear and self-care is high on your priority list without getting swamped by your job`s expectations of you.

✓ You are learning SO much about yourself, healing the underlying causes of feeling guilt around trusting yourself and what you need.

✓ With your new insights about yourself, you are better able to start looking for a new job and feel really good about living in complete integrity with who you want to be. 

That seems like a pretty good start! I would be delighted to support you in these areas…clearing what’s getting in the way of you SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF.  

Clients call me part cheerleader (reminding you to be gentle on yourself) and part tough-love coach (calling you out when you default to old patterns).

If you have tried everything in the past to shed weight, and nothing has worked for you, click here to schedule an appointment with me. Even if you decide not to work with me, you will still experience powerful insights that will stay with you forever.

My name is Ana-Maria. I am a certified health coach & NLP* expert, and I help women to reverse their negative habits and thoughts into a positive self-image and new, empowering, habits. NLP is a method of neuro-linguistic reprogramming that goes to the root of a deconstructive behavior and reconstructs the meaning it so you can liberate yourself from repeating the same vicious cycles.

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