“No fig left behind” Smoothie

Smoothie bowls are a great way to get full and satiated while feeling light and energetic.

Equation coming from choosing raw wholesome foods over packaged and high-fructose processed breakfast goodies that impede your digestion and glucose levels. Even if you go for the second kind occasionally your body will manage to balance itself out easier if you include in your week meal plan healthy options as well.

The nutritional value of that smoothie gives you an ample amount of Iron, Vitamins A, B, C, Omega-3 and Calcium.

Step 1. Blend your spinach (like a cup of it) with some almond milk or plain water.

Step 2. Add 1/2/3 bananas (depending how filling you want the texture to be) with one juicy fig. 

Yeap, if you live close to markets like Trader Joe`s you would know their frozen figs are enormous (and super delicious)! Of course, you can use any kind of figs that are available to you and tweak the amount of quantity depending on how much you need.

Step 3. Top your smoothie bowl with hemp, flax or chia seeds – all of them very high in Omega-3. In a matter of fact, only a spoon of them per day validates your daily Omegas requirement.

Sip and enjoy!

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