Morning Routine Hacks


Getting up and moving on with our day is simple.  Waking up with constant excitement for life is a bit more complex…Because it requires a daily routine and a commitment

In a matter of fact, any morning routine should begin the night before.

Pre-Morning Routine Tip: Visualize Your Goals The Night Before

Setting the intention for your goals for the next day, prior to falling asleep, primes your brain to get them started once when you wake-up. Works like magic! While you sleep the delta waves of your brain automatically rewind your subconscious mind to your most recent experiences. Chances are you would wake up much happier when you go to bed in a positive mood.

1.  Hydrate First Before Caffeine

Hydration not only stimulates our body to wake up in a natural way but, metaphorically, also cleanses our mind and purifies our thoughts.

In addition, drinking a cup of boiled hot water with lemon juice -before coffee (or other beverages)- not only aids our digestion but stimulates our hormones to prepare us for an awaken and energetic state of being. That way, we are not dependent on caffeine to get us through the day and we are not compromising our adrenals.

2. Enhance Your Coffee And Brain Function With MCT Oil

But for those of us who do drink coffee…Try using MCT Oil!  Adding just the right amount of fatty acids to your coffee balances your sugar levels, speeds up your metabolism, and improves your brain function.

Also make sure to feed your brain with the right nutrition.

If you are more adventerous, add a dash of cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Cinnamon has proven benefits in balancing insulin as well, and the capsaicin ingredient in cayenne pepper aids blood circulation and speeds digestion.

I mix all of the ingredients together in my small blender and sip on the concoction as I am answering e-mails.

3. If You Are Not A Morning Eater, Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a way of eating many of us practice, naturally. Essentially, it means prolonging your first meal and allowing your body to spend between twelve and fourteen (*for males, it can go up to sixteen-eighteen) hours in a fasted state where no food is consumed and the body is given a necessary break. Accordingly, we are using this energy to work on our projects with more focus and stamina.

Also, if you implement my previous tip for enhanced performance, you may find that adding MCT to your morning coffee blurs your hunger and you actually have more energy. Even though MCT contains calories, it doesn’t trigger an Insulin response which, biochemically, means your body is kept in a “fasted” state.

4. Move Your Body

No coffee or intermittent fasting routine can be as energizing as if compared to exercise. So, so important to move our bodies and set our day right!

If your schedule only allows you to exercise later in the day, of course, plan your day around that.

But if you can do it after you wake up, try implementing an invigorating movement that energizes every cell and muscle in your body: jogging in place,  jumping jacks; planks, vinyasa yoga, active stretching, squats, going for a brisk walk…dancing to your favorite song!

Remember that even 10 minutes is A LOT more than nothing at all.

Nevertheless, regardless when you do it and for how long, please move your body more during the day. Get up every hour and stretch and use your feet more than you use your car/public transportation.

We compromise our spines  A LOT with the amount of sitting we do on a daily basis and it is highly important – for our health – to live our life in a flexible and stress-free body.




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What is your favorite morning hack? Let me know!

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