Affirmations For Inner Peace

The secret of happiness is knowing that there are some things you can control and some things you cannot.” – Epictetus
Letting go of what is outside our control doesn’t equate to apathy or ignorance.
 Feeling our emotions in their raw state is the only way to move from negative to positive.
Letting go of fear, doubt and fear doesn`t mean we ignore our emotions. It is the opposite. Only by acknowledging can we let go. Only when we stop identifying ourselves with our fear we can transmute it into peace.

How To Re-Connect To Your Heart & Create Unconditional Self-Love

As the saying goes, Life doesnt happen to you. It happens for you.
All doubts are teachers. And the best ones.
Sometimes we forget that with our thoughts we attract everything that happens to us.
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The Practice

Take your journal and begin writing down all of the affirmations I compiled for you, as you can add your own and adapt them to your own language. Please note that is very important to say them in the present tense and to keep them action-oriented.

The Affirmations

“Today, I lovingly release the pattern in me that…*”
(*for example the pattern in me that procrastinates/the pattern in me that attracts scarcity/the pattern in me that feels afraid/stressed/unmotivated/self-doubting…etc.)
“Today, I accept myself as I am.”
“Today, I move forward and let go of the past.”
“Today, I choose to change and forgive myself and others.”
“Today, I lovingly release all negative feelings from my mind and body.”
“Today, I choose to feel better about myself and everything that happens to me.”
“Today, I release all limiting beliefs that hinder my happiness.”
“Today, I choose to feel complete, whole, and guided.”
“Today, I choose to treat everybody with compassion and kindness, including myself.”
“Today, I choose to speak up and express my needs with love.”
“Today, I choose to be liberated from any blockages or fears that hold me back.”
“Today, I choose to be calm and feel supported in everything that happens.”
“Today, I invite joy to fulfill me, and I stop looking for it elsewhere. It is already in me.”
Now take your journal, and let`s get started.
With Love and Care,



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