Learn How To Protect Your Energy

If you are surrounded by people who bring you down, you’re very likely to succumb to their negativity. But that shouldn’t be the case! 

1) Accept that you’re not responsible for other people’s behavior.

But you’re responsible for your reaction to what happens around you. Forgiving injustice doesn’t mean you condone it. It means you choose to protect and honor your sanity. You forgive to set yourself free from grudges! Forgiveness is an act of self-care. 

2) Accept that suffering often drives progress. 

Think about it: if your job makes you miserable, your relationships don’t fulfill you, or your body doesn’t feel happy and healthy — that in itself is a badass motivation for moving on and changing your life!

If it is unbearable to remain stuck in an unhappy life, it becomes bearable to face your fears, seek help, and move on. 

3) Accept that reward is on the other side of sacrifice.

What happens after a sweaty exercise that kicked your butt a hundred times in a row? You brush off the sweat and feel amazing! The endorphins kick in, and you forget about how hard the workout seemed in the beginning. 

Now you’ve entered the joyous state of victory and self-accomplishment. 

Yes, changing is difficult but not as difficult as being in unhappy relationship, right?

Nothing is more draining than arguing with the person you share a household with…would you agree?

The goods news is our relationships’ health is our responsibility, and we can always improve them.

Learning how to be a good communicator is difficult but not as difficult as having to deal with arguments every single day.


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