Is Your House/Car More Important Than Your Health? Read This

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What do you do if you want to buy a house?

​You get a loan and pay a monthly mortgage for 20-30 years (unless you have the cash to pay upfront, which is less likely for most people)

​Then you sign a contract that requires your long term financial commitment until one day you own your property 

​It’s the same principle with your health 

​When you invest the resources and commitment to learn how to adopt empowering habits, you “owe” them for life

​What’s the point of living in an expensive home unless you have the energy and health to enjoy it?

​What’s the point of spending 20 years of your adult life paying off a mortgage … if you’re not in a loving relationship with someone who remains attracted to you, physically, AND emotionally

​What’s the point of going into debt if it will cost you your sanity and heavily lower your MENTAL credit score? ​

Don’t get me wrong!

Living in a beautiful house with the love of my life is on my vision board, too (and driving a Tesla, for that matter, because I am a huge fan of Elon Musk!...), but here we are talking about priorities…

The health of your physical body and the health of your relationships should come first, before any material acquisitions.

Owing luxury objects is fun (I like spoiling myself too!) … as long as they don’t end up OWING YOU!!!

Your house is a liability.

Your mindset is an asset.

Without building the right mindset, you will be doomed to wait until retirement to start enjoying your life.

This is how I built a profitable business without any former business or marketing education.

I decided to play the long-game and invest in myself FIRST. 

~ It`s your life…

Think about it!

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