Need More Energy In Your Life? The Total-Energy-Transformation Is For You!

Do you regularly wake up feeling tired and exhausted?

Do you ever experience “food coma” after eating lunch?

Do you feel like your memory is not as sharp as it used to be? Do you lack enough focus to be concentrated and productive at work?

Do you find yourself needing sugary foods way to get an energy boost – only to feel drained afterwards?

Do you avoid socializing because you don`t feel your best?

Do you genuinely want to improve your habits but simply lack the energy to follow through?

Do you avoid intimacy because you feel too fatigued and “out of it”?

Do you want to exercise more regularly instead of feeling tired to do anything?

Do you often imagine what would be like to feel so energized that you can tackle all of your tasks for the day with excitement, youthful energy, and radiant confidence?

To achieve the inevitable success you deserve in all areas of your life, you need to have enough energy!

In this one-on-one twelve weeks program, I will coach you how to understand what food groups give you the most optimal energy for your body and what food groups leave you tired and depleted. In our work together, you will adopt new healthy habits that not only will make you feel more energized and vibrant, but will also help you to feel more present, confident and empowered in your relationships.

At the end of this program you will soon experience any (or most) of the following benefits:

  • You will have the energy to wake up excited and eager to do the things you love
  • You will have more energy to do more in your life without depending on stimulants
  • You will have more vital energy to move your body and feel and look vibrant
  • You will have more energy to exercise, burn fat and build lean muscle
  • You will have more energy and focus to pay more attention to your work
  • You will have more energy to be more present in your daily interactions
  • You will have more energy to spend more intimate time with your partner
  • You will have more energy to feel connected to your sexuality
  • You will have more energy to celebrate yourself and enjoy life

In this program we will cover the following five Hows

  • How, what, when and where to eat to feel more energy
  • How to protect yourself from energy-draining people/or activities
  • How to rejuvinate your body and feel more energized
  • How to practice more mindfulness and decrease the stress in your life
  • How to replace old, energy-depleting, habits with new, energy-boosting, ones

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Upon completion, you will achieve 3 major outcomes:

  • Setting up the conditions for inevitable success
  • Finding out which foods give you radiant energy
  • Converting these new healthy habits into behaviors that last!

The greatest benefit of working with a coach on-one-one is that you don’t just receive knowledge, you create a new experience that results in a life-changing transformation! 🙂

Upon completion of this program, you won’t just feel more energy: you will exude radiance, confidence and positivity to everyone you meet! 🙂

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Recent Testimony

I love working with A-M, getting weekly assignments and experimenting with different foods and seeing what works for my body. I also like that`s is not a race and not a competition. It`s totally working. Everyone is commenting on how good I look.I feel so great. My skin is glowing…I feel happy, energized and confident. I eat anti-inflammatory and anti-aging foods, and I feel and I look younger. I feel so much better about my self-esteem.It is very important to work with a coach because you keep yourself accountable…learning how to eat, what to eat, and implanting positive seeds in your brain. I highly recommend it to everybody! It`s the perfect package: getting all the information I need, the motivation, and the support.I absolutely recommend Ana-Maria to everybody! I am so glad she is in my life.It is PRICE-LESS. It`s the best investment you can do in your life. You are changing your habits forever. (K.B.)

~ With Love and Care,


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Recent Testimony

I have been working with Ana-Maria for six months now and I am really proud of the progress I have made. I am not only seeing the difference but I am feeling the difference. I have gotten to the point that I can`t wait to get home and do the exercises that she has given me for the week. In the last three months I underwent some of the worst events in my life and I am not sure how would I have coped without the meditations, affirmations and emotional support I received from Ana-Maria. With her guidance I was able to reach a place of emotional neutrality that helped me transform my emotions and feelings into a force that helped me propel myself forward and upward on my road to recovery and becoming my best self. My progress has been so tangible that it motivates me to work even harder and even more dilligently if at all possible.This is the best investment I`ve made in my life so far – investing in myself and my wellbeing.  ~ P. S.