Be B.A.D (A Proven Technique For Honoring Your Inner Child)

Do you want to break free from your routine without breaking the law? 🙂

This blogpost is for you!

Note: Being B.A.D is intentionally meant as a separate (and occasional) activity, in addition to our established self-care.

Self-care is the routine we perform daily to keep our emotional, physical, and mental health in check, whereas being B.A.D is about breaking the routine and indulging in your favorite, quo-on-quo, “naughty” pleasures.:)

Sometimes, we just want to be B.A.D.

This is a manifestation of the Rebellious Inner Child Syndrome.

What does our inner child want?

She wants attention, adventure, creativity, and (overall) more fun.

B.A.D. is an acronym that stands for:
B = Break free from your routine
A = Act courageous
D – Dare to do things your own way!

When we deprive our inner child of our attention, eventually she finds a way to rebel: whether is through obsessions with different addictions (binge eating, overspending, orthorexia), self-sabotage or other means of seeking attention.

If we don`t nurture our inner child with love and attention, we numb a part of ourselves that needs to be expressed.

Eventually, this neglect results in different issues: from commitment issues to attachment issues, from malnourishment to compulsive eating tendencies, from completely disregarding the body to obsessing with our physical image.

The aftermath would look different for each person, but it comes from the same place: our inner child feels neglected and is acting out.

Experimental Exercise Related to Being B.A.D

Create a list of “bad” behaviors or activities that are not deconstructive to your health and bring you a lot of joy and excitement.

Think of activities that you don`t usually do but have always wanted to try out, or do more of.

Let your imagination go a bit wild!

You have full permission to get very creative with this exercise.:))

Being B.A.D doesn`t have to be that extravagant either!

It simply means you are breaking from your usual routine and doing something exciting and fun.:)

I really hope you enjoy this exercise.

Remember to forward it this post a friend … Be B.A.D together!:)

The more people break B.A.D at the same time, the merrier!

~ Ana-Maria

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