Get Your Skin Glowing With The 14-day Juice Cleanse Challenge

What is green juicing and what are the benefits?

Green juice is the result of separating the liquid nutrients from the insoluble fiber of raw green vegetables.

Note that I say green vegetables. This is very important.

Juicing fruits (with the exception of green apples) or even carrots defies the purpose of juicing: to get the most bioactive phytonutrients to your cells.

Without the fiber, fruits and carrots convert in simple sugars that enter your bloodstream immediately and create the same effect on your blood sugar as candy.

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The health benefits of green juices are immediate.

The green liquid provides your body with a dense source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and other phytonutrients the body utilizes for cell generation and healing.

Think of juicing as an anti-aging elixir.
The kind of inner glow that no make-up can recreate.
When your body is healthy, your skin shows it.
You will need a lot less concealer for these notorious dark circles, I promise!

The positive benefits you are very likely to experience are clearer, more youthful-looking skin, better digestion, less cravings for sugar, and more energy!

Very important! If you start your morning with a green juice and eat processed foods throughout the day, you won`t experience the same amount of benefits you will get from combining the green juice challenge with a balanced diet.

If you are confused how to eat healthy without feeling deprived, try my 14-day cleanse.

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How it looks in real life.

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*Note that the 14-day cleanse is a paid service but the juice challenge is free.

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