How Your Beliefs Affect Your MOOD

Feeling like you’ve been too pessimistic lately? It’s not you; it’s your brain.

Every thought you have is a confirmation of a certain belief. ⁣

The problem is not the thought. Thoughts are neutral.⁣

The problem is the emotional attachment we have to our thoughts.⁣

For example: let’s look at the current economic situation and the aftermath of millions of people who are out of jobs.⁣

That’s an empirical data. It’s not a belief. It’s just a fact.⁣

Here is the catch.

The level of optimism we can sustain during hardships fuels our success in life, not the other way around. ⁣

When we face a situation that causes us to feel worried or fearful, we have two choices: to observe it As it Is, or to attach our belief systems to it.⁣

Let’s say person A and person B are both out of jobs at the moment.
Person A has the belief system that Life always works out for them, and they are going to be okay no matter what.⁣

Person B has the belief system that Life is miserable, unfair, and the government is plotting against them to be poor and out of money. ⁣

Can you guess who has a HIGHER possibility to figure out to make an income?⁣

You guessed it.⁣

Person A has the highest probability of applying for grants, find virtual gigs, apply for governmental funding, and receive money.⁣

Person B, on the other hand, most likely will stay closed off for finding new streams of income by affirming that “there is no money and the economy is collapsing.”⁣
This example applies to all situations, and not just the current economic environment.

The Universe always mirrors our beliefs.⁣

Yes, there is no guarantee that Person A will get rich while Person B stays poor, but let’s also consider what “rich” means.⁣

Being rich is not just about who much money we have in our bank, but ALSO how do we feel. ⁣

Is your energy enriching? You know best.

I hope this post inspires you to choose your thoughts carefully, and with intention, knowing that they not only affect your mood but also create your reality.⁣

~ Your biggest cheerleader,


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